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Hi there! I go by Faz/Ren here!!

I'm not really an avid collector, I'm usually into collecting books and small things like clear files, rubber straps and pin badges. I would also love to collect figures, but I will only collect the ones that I REALLY wanted/liked most.

I don't usually talk much, but feel free to talk to me on PM or Twitter.

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07 months agoWingWing
randomly_ren09 (7 months ago) #16986314Hmm... I'll take note of that. I might be considering on getting that P3/P4 World Analyze book, but not now :D

Alright just let me know when you feel like getting it. I have tons of junk(key chains, books marks etc) lying around, trying to find a way to store or display them. What do you do with yours?
07 months agoWingWing
randomly_ren09 (8 months ago) #16981813Which ones do you have? :D

I have an extra copy of Persona 3 & Persona 4 World Analyze(NM to M). I am happy to sell it for B$20.00 if you are interested.

If you are into trading cards I have Persona 4 Trading Card Another World Ver Sealed Box. B$75.00 for one booster box, it comes with a promo kanji foil card ;)

Looking forward to Persona 5?
08 months agoWingWing
randomly_ren09 (8 months ago) #16967906No probs! Glad to see another fellow Bruneian collector out here XD

Are you interested in persona 3/4 books?(surprisingly, not many are interested in Persona in Brunei -_-) I accidentally ordered extra copies for a few of their artbooks.
08 months agoWingWing

Thanks for the friend request. Great to see fellow Bruneians. Feel free to drop a msg anytime, if you want to discuss anything about the hobby.

Have a great day!

011 months agoCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday!!

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