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I grew up during the time when anime are considered cartoons... having knowledge of these fun world of otaku-sub-culture wallet bleeding hobby that become my hobby for life...

Started as Gundam Winger fan... this spark my interest towards Gunplamo that I started collecting from my low student allowance...

Because of a certain turn of events... the dark side has taken my pure innocent heart lol... thus I started collecting static cast-off pvc figures and female articulated figures and dolls...

If I'm gonna sum-up my figure collecting today it would be:

1. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2)
2. Figma
3. Etc. static figs that I like
4. Etc. ero figs that I like
5. Gundam MG
6. Etc. mechs I like
7. SKytube ero T2 Art

Hiatus figure line I collect:

1. Revoltech Fraulein
2. Revoltech Queen's Blade
3. Busou Shinki

Tama-nee waifu yey!!!


Banner's I've made for Max Factory and Orchid Seed fans...





(ext link)

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118 days agoSureFiguresSureFigures Donut (?)
rapido (21 days ago) #2479740Hi! SureFigures thanks for the pic favs... (mfc link)
(mfc link)
(mfc link)
I like your ero pics I think we are in the same wave length hahaha!!! those Giga-pulse has lots of adult toys...

I really enjoyed browsing through your photos, collection, and profile. I love the bit on your personal history of figure collecting - including "The dark side has taken my pure innocent heart." I hear that dude. The female form is a beautiful thing...
120 days agorenegadebannerrenegadebanner
rapido (20 days ago) #2482684Thanks... but you also got nice collections there... you got those classic Max Factory Chun-li, Cammy, Sakura and Mai... and Posion from Yamato... sweet...

Yeah, But that Chun-li developes a extreme lean because of the off balanced pose. But Thanks, your pics definitely help me come up with ideas of how I plan to design and organize my future anime room.
120 days agoDreadNORDDreadNORD
rapido (21 days ago) #2480102Hi! DreadNord... thanks for the pic fav... (mfc link) I like your figs just keep them coming...
Hi. Thank you. Not all of my collection is listed here but still your collection is nearly 3 times bigger then mine :).
121 days agorenegadebannerrenegadebanner
Nice collection and pic
121 days agoha1fbreedha1fbreed
rapido (21 days ago) #2480103Hi! ha1fbreed... thanks for the pic fav. (mfc link)... you got a lot of Sonico loving there... Hey, I really like a few of the figures in the picture, and I really love your setup. You noticed the Sonico love huh? :3

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