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I grew up during the time when anime are considered cartoons... having knowledge of these fun world of otaku-sub-culture wallet bleeding hobby that become my hobby for life...

Started as Gundam Winger fan... this spark my interest towards Gunplamo that I started collecting from my low student allowance...

Because of a certain turn of events... the dark side has taken my pure innocent heart lol... thus I started collecting static cast-off pvc figures and female articulated figures and dolls...

If I'm gonna sum-up my figure collecting today it would be:

1. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2)
2. Figma
3. Etc. static figs that I like
4. Etc. ero figs that I like
5. Gundam MG
6. Etc. mechs I like
7. SKytube ero T2 Art

Hiatus figure line I collect:

1. Revoltech Fraulein
2. Revoltech Queen's Blade
3. Busou Shinki

Tama-nee waifu yey!!!


Banner's I've made for Max Factory and Orchid Seed fans...





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07 months agokidkaitokidkaito
thx and I will collect more of her :-D
rapido (7 months ago) #2024850Hi! kidkaito... thanks for the comment... you got lots of Rei there... just keep them coming...
09 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
rapido (9 months ago) #1932139Lucky you...
I'm sure rightstuf.com sells legit US ver. animes... it's cheap because it's localized in US... unlike Japan ver. which tends to have per disc releases (3 ep the most)... plus those collectors stuffs...
here's a good explanation from relentlessflame of animesuki.com (ext link)

Well shipping from america to me is expensive tho ^^" lol

Hmm i love limited and supporting the makers ..

I like per disc here locally i bought 3 episodes for 9 euro thats quite nice too :3
My love bought the entire black lagoon serie for 60 euros quite cheap too so knowing those prices i rather stick to local since its prob the same price and cusyom charges for everything above 22 euros.. So assuming the shop doesnt lower value i, screwed lol

And i prefer dvd over bluray.. I only got a bluray player in my pc atm whivh isnt connected yet
09 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
rapido (9 months ago) #1931868No problem... it's a legit US ver.
Oh the brown one set from Geneon/Pioneer that's US ver. the price skyrocketed because of Geneon's closure...

Yes that one and i bought it cheap.. Even when geneon was closed someone was so kind to sell it for retail

But i dont trust that site... I mean blurays in jp are like 20k but this one is only 20 euros o.O
For an entire season thats a bit fishy xO
09 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
rapido (9 months ago) #1931725Hi! Chloe-tsundere you might like this: (ext link)

I already own the first season on regular dvd, the brown boxed one

Doesnt seem legit, or are thry? Waay too cheap o.o

But thanks for thinking of me ~<3 i rlly appreciate it x3
011 months agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Hey my friend!

Are you perhaps intwrested in my nippon order from ganer girl?
item #99092

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