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I grew up during the time when anime are considered cartoons... having knowledge of these fun world of otaku-sub-culture wallet bleeding hobby that become my hobby for life...

Started as Gundam Winger fan... this spark my interest towards Gunplamo that I started collecting from my low student allowance...

Because of a certain turn of events... the dark side has taken my pure innocent heart lol... thus I started collecting static ero cast-off pvc figures and female articulated figures and some 1/6 dolls...

If I'm gonna sum-up my figure collecting today it would be:

1. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2)
2. Skytube ero-line specially T2 Art
3. Dragon Toys ero-line specially T2 Art
4. Gundam MG main mechs
5. Small articulated chicks (Figma, Revoltech, SHFiguarts)
6. Etc mechs (Macross,Eva etc...)
7. Etc ero-figs (those ero-pin-up cover that are in scale)

Hiatus figure line I've collected:

1. Revoltech Fraulein
2. Revoltech Queen's Blade
3. Busou Shinki

Tama-nee waifu yey!!!





Keep your collection coming... hehehe!!!


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06 days agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
rapido (6 days ago) #10479049I remember I tried painting those pilot figs from 1/100 Gundam kits... painted in mocha color... but failed LOL!!!

1/100s are tough. I've worked with some and unless you have too much time on your hands your best bet is that they will come out not very detailed.

So now item #48089 is my holy grail of Tamaki GKs. I say this because she wears pants! Not short-shorts or biker shorts, but honest to goodness pants! I do hate how there is only one figure of her in her casual wear (and even then she's pulling her pants down), I really liked the outfit design.
06 days agoOnee-samaOnee-sama
rapido (6 days ago) #10479892It's Genjimaru fault hahaha!!! You like the alien gal... nice...

Lol well it's her personality. And her ending. She's Quite loving. Lucy I mean.
06 days agoOnee-samaOnee-sama
rapido (7 days ago) #10470772No problem... honestly nope... I've tried liking visual novel but it's not for me... though I like the ToHeart2 animes, OVA and their Aquapazza fighting game...

I played through most of it. Went for Tamaki's route first. She's okay, but she's really bossy and makes you do whatever she wants. And she can't stand dogs so that made me not like her as much. After playing the VN Lucy Maria is by far my favorite now.
06 days agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
rapido (7 days ago) #10433022GK is one tough path... I'll be looking forward to see it done... good luck...
Well, I figure if I can make tiny miniatures look decent a GK shouldn't be that hard. And, honestly, Tamaki has an extremely simple color scheme of red, white, and pink. Since she does lack any complex design on a lot of her GK (well the ones I aim for), the only hard part is getting her eyes down.

This said I might have to go ahead and re-arrange my shelves so Tamaki gets her own seeing as I'm not sure I'll be able to fit them all on the current shelf.
07 days agoOnee-samaOnee-sama
Oh okay. Thanks.

Have you played To Heart BTW?

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