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I grew up during the time when anime are considered cartoons... having knowledge of these fun world of otaku-sub-culture wallet bleeding hobby that become my hobby for life...

Started as Gundam Winger fan... this spark my interest towards Gunplamo that I started collecting from my low student allowance...

Because of a certain turn of events... the dark side has taken my pure innocent heart lol... thus I started collecting static ero cast-off pvc figures and female articulated figures and some 1/6 dolls...

If I'm gonna sum-up my figure collecting today it would be:

1. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2)
2. Skytube ero-line specially T2 Art
3. Dragon Toys ero-line specially T2 Art
4. Gundam MG main mechs
5. Small articulated chicks (Figma, Revoltech, SHFiguarts)
6. Etc mechs (Macross,Eva etc...)
7. Etc ero-figs (those ero-pin-up cover that are in scale)

Hiatus figure line I've collected:

1. Revoltech Fraulein
2. Revoltech Queen's Blade
3. Busou Shinki

Tama-nee waifu yey!!!





Keep your collection coming... hehehe!!!


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021 days agorapidorapido
renegadebanner (21 days ago) #8471132What settings do you use for posting pics. I want to start posting pics too.

Nowadays I just use my detolf to take pics lol!!! cam settings I'm not particular about it... usually I'll just adjust the sharpness...
021 days agorenegadebannerrenegadebanner
rapido (1 year ago) #2482684Thanks... but you also got nice collections there... you got those classic Max Factory Chun-li, Cammy, Sakura and Mai... and Posion from Yamato... sweet...

What settings do you use for posting pics. I want to start posting pics too.
01 month agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Sorry for another question, but since you work with Gunpla what's your recommendation on taking care of nub marks? I've heard your supposed to use a filer or paint over them but I've never got a concrete answer. So far I only have HGs and I'd like to at least clear off the visible marks and know what to do for future Gunpla of mine.

Thanks again and sorry for another question so shortly.
01 month agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
rapido (1 month ago) #7606940No problem... hmmm... well she got the same scale and quality of Tamaki Aquapazza item #131190 her school uniform gaps is terrible... looks better if cast-off... but her cute face is a winner... I guess it's win-win for it's price...
Man, I was worried with the gap in the clothes. But seeing as you said it's like the Aquapazza Tamaki in terms of size and quality I think I'll snag one because the more the better, right? Thanks for the help!
01 month agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
Quick Tamaki-related question (I do kinda consider you an expert on her at this point). So I'm eyeing item #18467 as a potential Tamaki seeing as for the most part I had to scrap my grand collection idea and will just stick with a more smaller collection size with item #167051 at the helm. This said is the Wafudoh Tamaki worth buying if I might ask? She's pretty cheap and not hard to find but I'd rather know if as a figure she's a good one or a pass.

Thanks in advance and sorry for dropping out of the blue!

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