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I grew up during the time when anime are considered cartoons... having knowledge of these fun world of otaku-sub-culture wallet bleeding hobby that become my hobby for life...

Started as Gundam Winger fan... this spark my interest towards Gunplamo that I started collecting from my low student allowance...

Because of a certain turn of events... the dark side has taken my pure innocent heart lol... thus I started collecting static cast-off pvc figures and female articulated figures and dolls...

If I'm gonna sum-up my figure collecting today it would be:

1. Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2)
2. Figma
3. Etc. static figs that I like
4. Etc. ero figs that I like
5. Gundam MG
6. Etc. mechs I like
7. SKytube ero T2 Art

Hiatus figure line I collect:

1. Revoltech Fraulein
2. Revoltech Queen's Blade
3. Busou Shinki

Tama-nee waifu yey!!!


Banner's I've made for Max Factory and Orchid Seed fans...





(ext link)

(ext link)

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08 months agogilesaquilgilesaquil
rapido (8 months ago) #25916942D waifu for life hehehe!!!... birthday loot or food-trip celebration? both...

More of food trip celebration with family. Don't wanna add much to existing preorders, and di pa dumadating yung karamihan.
08 months agogilesaquilgilesaquil
rapido (8 months ago) #2590843HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Doc Giles... enjoy your day...

Thanks! One of the really good things about my bday is it's near Mio's bday too hahaha!
19 months agoDynamiteDynamite
19 months agoDynamiteDynamite
Thanks for accepting my FR :)
19 months agoDynamiteDynamite

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