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First and foremost, all prices are set. I do NOT give discounts or "packaged" deals unless specified. IF I've dealt with you multiple times, I will be more willing to work out a deal. However, I will match a store's price if it's cheaper.

I'm pretty busy so I'll respond when I can. I tend to miss messages. Bad on my part I know. I try to ship things within a week of payment.

Not that this matters, but I'm finally moving into a permanent apt. in NYC. No more moving every year so finally I can have all my figures in one place. However, I'm still in the process of downsizing my collection. Not as crazy about the hobby as I used to be.

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04 days agoReduxRedux
What's up? Sent you a pm about one of your figures for sale. I just read that you often miss messages. Let me know. Thanks.
07 days agoBioburnBioburn
realjudge212 (8 days ago) #2344588Hey there, unfortunately, I gave them to a real life friend of mine. Sorry about that!

that's cool, I hope he takes care of them
09 days agoBioburnBioburn
mm what's the deal with the gurren lagann revoltechs? I would like to take them. thanks
09 days ago (8 days ago)chunguschungus
Your inbox is still full. Do you still have the Max Factory Clalaclan or the Alphamax Takatsuki Ichika? I would like those :p. Please PM or contact me however if you do!
010 days ago (9 days ago)gonlinggonling
Your inbox is full but I would definitely want to buy your sakura miku nen. My zipcode is 61356 if you want to invoice me

nevermind, found her on manda for cheaper!

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