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First and foremost, all prices are set. I do NOT give discounts or "packaged" deals unless specified. IF I've dealt with you multiple times, I will be more willing to work out a deal. However, I will match a store's price if it's cheaper.

I'm pretty busy so I'll respond when I can. I tend to miss messages. Bad on my part I know. I try to ship things within a week of payment.

Not that this matters, but I'm finally moving into a permanent apt. in NYC. No more moving every year so finally I can have all my figures in one place. However, I'm still in the process of downsizing my collection. Not as crazy about the hobby as I used to be.

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021 days agoyanasan1430yanasan1430
Hi, been trying to pm you but your inbox is full.
025 days agoFringeBenefitsFringeBenefits
Teana arrived this morning! Thanks once more for helping me fill out my collection! XD
01 month agoMMDRyomaMMDRyoma
Hello, I sent a PM about some of your figure giveaways last week. Please get back to me when you can, thanks.
01 month agoReduxRedux
What's up? Sent you a pm about one of your figures for sale. I just read that you often miss messages. Let me know. Thanks.
01 month agoBioburnBioburn
realjudge212 (1 month ago) #2344588Hey there, unfortunately, I gave them to a real life friend of mine. Sorry about that!

that's cool, I hope he takes care of them

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