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Shop "Guidelines"

First and foremost, all prices are set. I do NOT give discounts or "packaged" deals unless specified. IF I've dealt with you multiple times, I will be more willing to work out a deal. However, I will match a store's price if it's cheaper.

I live and work in NYC. So I'm in EST. My Paypal address is a New Jersey one since my "home" home is there. I try to go back to see family every weekend. Not always though. The nightlife in NYC is too good :P I ship from NJ since most of my figs are there (it's a pain in the ass moving figs in NYC when I move every year...hopefully will find a permanent place).

I will respond to messages when I can. I miss some. Kindly remind me if it's been a while (a week) but don't whine if I don't respond right away. I will do it at my leisure.

I will give quotes every Friday if I'm in NJ that weekend.

I will ship packages every Saturday if I'm in NJ that weekend.

I'm too busy to keep to this. Will respond/ship/etc. when I can.

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01 month agoShadowstepShadowstep
Can i get a shiping quote for Kamiwazumi Maya if possible? Thanks!
03 months ago (3 months ago)PewPewKPewPewK 「狼耳大好きよ。」
Hey, could you let me know when you ship Asmodeous? Your inbox is full again. ;)
03 months agoRevoleeRevolee
Hi, i am interested to buy this figure of yours. Item #42034 How much is the shipping cost? Is the condition of the figure still brand new?

Sorry couldn't pm you as your inbox was full. Thanks.
03 months agoPewPewKPewPewK 「狼耳大好きよ。」
realjudge212 (3 months ago) #1908585Try now

Much better, thanks! :)
03 months agoPewPewKPewPewK 「狼耳大好きよ。」
Hey, tried to DM you but getting an inbox full message. Could you clean it up a bit so I can give you some information about my order ^^?

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