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05 months ago (5 months ago)kosmos6000kosmos6000
Thanks for sending my KOS-MOS figure so quick! It's a awesome figure!
05 months agokosmos6000kosmos6000
Reltair (5 months ago) #2076980Yup, thank you for your purchase!

No problem, can't wait to get it. Looks really nice!
05 months agokosmos6000kosmos6000
Are you the owner of Figure Haven? I just bought the last KOS-MOS Alter figure on your site

(ext link)
011 months ago (11 months ago)tenkenchild15tenkenchild15
Reltair (11 months ago) #1802916Slickdeal, you should pick it up!
I'll probably pass, since I bought the other one already ^_^
item #120530
011 months agotenkenchild15tenkenchild15
If I recall correctly, some fool was trying to sell this at AX for $300.
(ext link)

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