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I have been watching anime for quite a couple of years (started with Elfen Lied i think which was pretty amazi shocking))))

And then i started collecting figures in the end of 2009.
It all began with a cute busty little figure of Matsumoto, which is still on my collection. Despite the fact that her legs never joined her body correctly i didn't get depressed but continued expanding the collection^^'

I have moved to a smaller apartment, so i have to sell off some of my figures. Feel free to PM me with any questions!

Anyways here is the UP FOR SALE LIST - (mfc link)
my ADS: mfc list
My feedback - (mfc link)
and on ebay: (ext link)
I ship worldwide airmail and EMS. All items are authentic!
Please note: These are up on sale locally and in some other places as well, so some pics might be up while the item is already gone.

item #1661 + item #1662 - gone to Donald
item #5366 - gone to Haru-Airurando
item #48134 - gone to haru
item #7608 - gone to Sierra
item #5444 - gone to Mayocchi
item #27603 - gone to HokaHoka
item #5680 - gone to diakia
item #7607 - gone to Zarrel
item #1561 - gone to Glorry
item #54839 - gone to Sunchild
item #5068 - gone to Vivi75
item #63273 + item #13798 - gone to SwicksMTX
item #52853 - gone to Seclairty
item #556 - gone to Inferno187
item #938 - gone to Maakie
item #13798 + item #63273 - gone to SwicksMTX
item #26433 - gone to Haiiro
item #25398 - gone to Zellic
item #2636 - gone to CurePassion
item #20650 - gone to ymous
item #78617 - gone to Dragon_
item #13587 - gone to CinnamonSwirls
item #72651 gone to Denton
item #78589 - gone to Toujou
item #54838 and item #54839 - gone to tails_prower
item #20927 - gone to Sithicus
item #78919 - gone to Xcron
item #101414 - gone to MargeryDoe
item #11925 and item #7607 - gone to Kararin
item #107 - gone to charlieparrot
item #2114 - gone to Kuramyra
item #68959 - gone to RafaelDeJongh
item #486 - gone to kraytunicusian
item #101418 - gone to themagicrobshow
item #157717 - gone to ShiningWind
item #37763 - gone to BlackUsagi2013
item #1868 - gone to cloudy12
item #102501 - gone to TheSnowy1
item #8942 and item #17985 - gone to mattie2710
item #4532 - gone to Magus1108
item #11543 - gone to Pibituh
item #207863 - gone to IDBluver
item #106565 - gone to JimBoni
item #505 - gone to maddiekun

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01 month agoRubyChan95RubyChan95
Thank you rew ^^
One of my birthday cakes: (ext link)
This Saturday will be an anime cake ^^ Last year was this: (ext link)

rew (1 month ago) #3192894Happy bithday and happy collecting!
03 months agoBlackUsagi2013BlackUsagi2013
rew (3 months ago) #3043521Happy birthday Usagi-chan and happy collecting! ^.^

Thanks, Rew-chan!!! Happy collecting to you too!!
03 months agopandidorapandidora
rew (3 months ago) #2966566Boldog szülinapot és örömteli kollekciózást *.*

Sajnos most nincs lehetőségem sok újat venni, de bőven boldog vagyok a meglévőkkel! :)
05 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
Its Amazing :-D
05 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
Thanks my friend ... What time do you do have collecting :-D

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