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Welcome to my page!!!

Thanks for visiting~<3

I started collecting figures in 2010. Ninety percent of the time, I order merchandise/figures that catch my fancy, they're either from a series/game I enjoy, or have that nostalgia factor that still gives me the feels. I have MANY interests; male figures mostly and the occasional cute girl or sexy/classywoman every now and then :). I would open up FR....but I am not that much of a conversationist when it comes to chatting online. So...bleh. :P

I love this fictional man: Koujaku! *0* Husbando #1 for life!!!

My Favorite Dmmd Pairing:
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I will support them forever!!! even though Koujaku is friend-zoned

Also my other Husbando Kougami from Psycho Pass~ <3:

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