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Hi there!

I recently got into figure collecting in the summer of 2016 thanks to teliiii and nendoismyfave!

ღ Nendoroids are love, nendoroids are life
ღ Currently aiming to collect Detective Conan/Magic Kaito merch

Special mention to Kiz-xo for being an amazing DC/MK and Kaitou Kid enthusiast :D <3

Always looking to meet and speak to people in
the same fandom/hell as me! :3

Thanks for dropping by! :D
See you next illusion!

Yours truly,
A Kaitou Kid enthusiast
(P.S. also a god of procrastination /sweats)
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View spoilerHide spoilerNendoroids I want to see in the future:
✧ MATOU SAKURA (Fate series)

Scale/Nendoroid/Figma ANYTHING:
✧ Ran Mouri
Shinichi Kudo WE MADE IT IT'S HAPPENING item #564580 item #564579
✧ Karma Akabane
✧ Nagisa Shiota
✧ Enma Kozato (KHR)
✧ Tsunayoshi Sawada
✧ C.C. (Code Geass)
✧ Death the Kid
✧ Soul (Soul Eater)

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013 days agoMinaraiMinarai
rozelle (1 month ago) #22295680Thank you for the FR fellow Detective Conan enthusiast and nice to meet you <3
Hey no problem! It's nice to see people around enjoying DCMK while Gosho is still on break. The wait to chapter 1000 is killing me @_@ (Sorry 'bout the late reply!)
014 days agoLehstLehst
lol yeah, it's cool when you see the same users on your favorite fandoms. There's a fair few I see on all the nendoroid stuff.

and here's hoping we find more cuties!! xD
114 days agoLehstLehst
rozelle (14 days ago) #23318054Hi! Your collection is absolutely wonderful :o Especially the nendoroid and BJDs. The dream! Also glad to see more Detective Conan fans here too btw :D (Tfw waiting forever for nendoroid prototypes).
I could be wrong but is that Hiyori and Yato on your nendoroid custom photo? So adorable! *_*
p.s. I hope you don't mind the FR! :)
Hi! fellow DC fan <3
haha, thanks for visiting my profile, but I see a lot of cuties on your collection too! And we share some of the same wishlist- we're still waiting for the DC nendo prototypes but I wish for Haibara, Kid, Ran and anyone else they'd make! (I wish we'd see the Metro police like Takagi and Megure, etc, in anything lol!) Plus more Bungou Stray Dogs would be good! <3

and yeah, that's Yato and Hiyori! I ended up with Yato's hair sort of by accident and it just went from there lol. I adore Yukine too, but haven't anything to make him (yet? :o dunno!) I'm glad you like them. ^^
114 days agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
Hey rozelle! I haven't spoken to you in a while ^^ How are you doing? Are you going to get the Yurio nendo? I'm so tempted to!
11 month agoAelith-EarfalasAelith-Earfalas
rozelle (2 months ago) #21404339... ... ... The suspense and actions are too great :D No better way to appreciate those Conan skateboarding and soccer kicking powers too haha

I can't wait to play FE and for you to try Persona 5! It's good I promise! You'll love it, as a Kaito fan it's right up your alley! My friend says he'd be happy to let people order his Chrom art on body pillows (Here's his art: [ext link ] in case you want to see, he made sure to make a body pillow that was very friendly in design because he doesnt really like most designs lol.)

... I HAD TO LOOK UP TO REI WAS, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS IDENTITY, so many characters have confused me for so long on this show lol and I've been watching since like 6th grade (kinda, mostly on and off if at all) I'm around 475-ish in the anime I think? around 900 in the manga... still behind, and so very, very confused lol. Please talk to me about Conan, you can help me out because I'm so lost lol.

A takagi prize figure and sato figure will be my grail. Ahh, AMVs, yesss xD Haibara does get some really cool episodes! I don't quite remember when they happen so I won't say anything, but she had some good stuff early on after she appeared! So look forward to it! <: (Unless you saw it, I'll just vaguely mention that there was snow and maybe some BO members lol.)

Oh my gosh, I never considered Kaito's dad!!! WHAA! That'd be crazy!
Have you ever solved any of the cases before conan did? =D I've seen like 400 cases and only solved like 3 before he did hahaa.

I love a lot of the filler for DC lol. episode 321 I thought was really cool (I can only remember it because its like a count down lol, but maybe it was episode 312...) HEIJI SAVES THE DAY!!

The anime is great! I like it a little more than the manga because I have trouble reading sometimes and I get everyone so confused like you said. xD It's also aways fun to try and figure out how much weeb Japanese I can understand. works like Murder, and suspect, and stuff like that are always fun to try and remember. xD

Do you have a skype or discord or anything? If you don't want to share thats ok! But I'm a little more active there and I'd love to get doodle ideas from you and your friends. xD

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