rufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott Vetinari admirer, goddess enthusiast

019 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
rufusdrumknott (19 days ago) #20788086Hey there! Your collection is super cute <3
thanks so much :3c so is yours!!
019 days agoorochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber
hello fellow madoka enthusiast!!! :3
02 months agorufusdrumknottrufusdrumknott
I just pre-ordered item #464665 completely on impulse ... what is wrong with me, why do I love Madoka so much orz
03 months agokamiyuusankamiyuusan
rufusdrumknott (3 months ago) #18026483Hey there~ Wanted to PM you but your inbox is full - are you still selling your Sakura Nendo? :)

hello! i'm really sorry, i forgot to edit it but she's not avalaible anymore!
04 months agoTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
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