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Hello fellow collectors! I'm just another person who loves all things Japanese culture. As you can see, I really like Berserk. Got my first Berserk wall scroll from a local anime shop back when I was in high school. Slowly started to add figures afterwards. Joined MFC in 2015 and started to expand my figure collection to other series. Collecting really exploded for me after joining MFC. The community really opened my eyes to such a vast array of beautiful figures and art... at the expense of my wallet, as everyone says. But I love it all and hope to enjoy this hobby for many years to come!

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03 months agoHalcianHalcian
ryun84 (4 months ago) #18406631Happy birthday man!

Oh wow thank you for the birthday wishes xD I hardly pay attention to my comment box. Appreciate that man!
04 months agoSerazielSeraziel
ryun84 (4 months ago) #17925688Happy birthday!

:D Thank you very much!!
16 months agoSerazielSeraziel
Happy birthday! Have a good one!
16 months agoUnknownforc3Unknownforc3
Thanks a lot for Madoka. Package came fast and was packed nice.
011 months agoDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey
ryun84 (11 months ago) #13474773Hey happy birthday man!Thanks man! Hope you've been doing well!

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