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05 years agoueggg98ueggg98
Another 13 year old ;A;

I thought I was the youngest, but I'm not aloooooneeeee :))))
06 years agomewimewi
06 years agoHaruhiuchanHaruhiuchan
yes! they are amazing! *-* As you can see I have a few myself! The two lesbians Mia and Hiromi are my favorites! *-* sammizu0Thanks but I didn't draw it. Also I'm glad you like my characters
06 years ago (6 years ago)HaruhiuchanHaruhiuchan
You're welcome! And thank you for accepting it!;D Also, thanks for the comment about my profile pic! Yours is cute as well! Did you draw it? And, you are a very talented manga artist! (:0 I have a few oc's myself! I'm about to post one of them with another oc of a friend on Tsuki board from an rp we've been doing for a couple of weeks! =Dsammizu0Thanks for the friend request. Also, nice profile picture :]
06 years agomewimewi
sammizu0Thanks for the friend request!!!

Welcome! you screaming it out loud! you must be excited WOOT, I love ichigo meow <3
06 years agomewimewi
Sammizu ^.^!
06 years agoHaruhiuchanHaruhiuchan
wow-lovely collection! *_*
06 years agochaoschaos
sammizu0agreed well at any rate whats new right now im planning to build a diorama for some of my mecha with the kits i got recently found a couple of koyobukita mechanical chain bases cheap
06 years agochaoschaos
that picture of the cat eating the sheep is a little creepy looking.
07 years agoLichu_554Lichu_554
Wow, you have some really cute figures. ^^
07 years agoEasternPassionEasternPassion
Thank you, Your figures are cute too.
07 years agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
sammizu0hey, its taking you a while to respond to my PM.
did anything happen?

I dont want to sound mad or anything, just wondering if theres something keeping you away from tsuki-board

There is. I have a huge problem with my computer; it's pretty much broken. I'm on one of the computers in the lab of one of the buildings on-campus. I hope to have it fixed soon.
07 years agoSyrup_DropSyrup_Drop
My boyfriend (spasepeepole026) told me to tell you his internet is broken, so don't think he's ignoring you :o
07 years agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
sammizu0My inbox is acting weird. Did you get my message?
correct punctuation

I did. Everything is fine :)
07 years agoSannoukSannouk Kit Cat
Happy Easter Sammizu0
07 years agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
I can't send you my message! Your inbox is full!
07 years agochaoschaos
spasepeepole026Please don't drop out of school. :(
good advice listen to her i know people who have and their lives have always been PAINFUL you need education or you end up as a short order cook
07 years agospasepeepole026spasepeepole026
Please don't drop out of school. :(
07 years agoSannoukSannouk Kit Cat
I wish, Ich wünsche, je désire tout mes amis et tous les membres, alle meine Freunden und alle Mietglieder, all my friends and all members on/auf/sur Tsukiboard eine schöne Jahreswechsel, a pleasant turn of the year, une joyeux fin d’année et une bonne nouveaux 2010, a Happy new Year, Ein schönes fabelhaftes Neujahr!

en natuurlijk een knallende Jaarwisseling en Goed, Gelukkig en Gezond 2010 voor alle Nederlandstaligen onder ons :-)
07 years agoSannoukSannouk Kit Cat
Hello sammuziO I want to wish you and all my other friends on MFC Tsukiboard a Merry Christmas!

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