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03 years agoShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
Not sure if you found a Chihiro, but just thought I'd show you this incase~
[ext link ]
05 years agodexter89dexter89
Thanks for the FR ^^
05 years agosantashisantashi
I had four boxes arrive from Amiami today, all ordered and sent at different times. Like lots of Christmases come at once! XD
05 years agoShadowstitchShadowstitch
santashiOops, thought I'd replied already but I can't see my reply anywhere. Anyway, I hope you like her and the little extra I included for you. :)

Yes, thank you! The little drawing was adorable! And coincidentally, I got sick right after she arrived, so I just sat there... stewing in cold medicine... staring at her with accusatory eyes. ಠ_ಠ
05 years agoShadowstitchShadowstitch
Woooo! Trish arrived! I can already feel the pain (and my bank account) melting away. Thanks!
06 years agoMichikoMichiko
Hi! Welcome to MyFigureCollection!
Have a great time here!! :3 ~
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Welcome to the board santashi! :)

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