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I've been collecting since 2012 but most of my collection has come and gone.
I'm back and better than ever and I'm currently trapped in idol heaven ~

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112 days agoPomeloPomelo
Hey there, I just wanted to double check that you still wanted the Chika pass case at Nominoichi? I got a table so I've started to list my stuff, but I still have that set aside for you. :>
02 months agoCelebiCelebi
No I don't want titty monster
02 months agosarahbearsarahbear
Celebi (2 months ago) #18421543You have more figures then me damn u take my sonico
02 months agoCelebiCelebi
You have more figures then me damn u
09 months agoBloosicaBloosica
Thanks for the FR!!!

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