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Hi, I'm married to a fictional character.

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Let's get GSC to continue the Uchiban and Awakened Co-de line and get Ookurikara Uchiban and Awakened Nendoroid Co-de and scale! \\٩(๑`^´๑)۶// Request here -> [ext link ]


Please send a FR to view my collection/profile/lists. Please send a PM after you send your FR so I know it is not a random request, thank you. (I do NOT accept random FRs without a PM, sorry!!)


** Hey, if I forget to PM you back after a while, feel free to PM me again! My memory can be pretty sketchy, I'm not ignoring ya

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1/8th Scale Okurikara Special Site

JP: [ext link ]
EN: [ext link ]

DisclaimerDisclaimerBecause unfortunately this might have to actually be addressed considering my rep now (I've addressed it already on twitter), no, I am not an immature rabid fangirl who sees any criticism on this figure as a personal attack or an attack towards the character. That's absolutely stupid. People having different opinions over a /plastic figure/ is literally just that. So I'm really hoping no one assumes that I'd actually be that close-minded and feel offended by any negative comments, or that any of those comments even remotely affected how I myself view the figure.

Hell I don't even care if people actually hate the character (because not everyone has to like him...?) so....

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