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I do not accept very random FR sorry !! ( ;´Д`) Socializing first → FR = OK!!
Feel free to chat with me, I don't bite. :) Feel free to PM or @mention on Twitter.
♥ Always feel free to ask site/hobby questions/advice, it doesn't bother me. :)
♥ There are a lot of non-figure items I have that are not on this website's listing that I consider a part of my collection; most of them are books and a majority of those are BL manga volumes.
♥ I pretty much just collect most BL randomly/pretty bishounen-based art books, and I one day want to collect just any CD and other goods with a pretty bishounen cover despite what it is, so due to this I have removed all individual BL volumes, art books, CDs, and small items from my wishlist except ones that I specifically know and want. ^^;a
♥ I'm actually interested in anything Free! even if it isn't on my wishlist (if something is cheap enough I might buy it just because).

♥ If there is a certain item you would like to see me post about on my blog
; please feel free(!) to let me know via PM, twitter, etc!

If you ever have small extra Free! things (e.g. magazine items, promo items, etc) you want to get rid of for not overpriced, feel free(!) to contact me. (^^)

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Can you feel the splash? (ノ)'ω`(ヾ)


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