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Going to do construction on all the clubs I moderate in the next few days.

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Hello, I am Saruna Mirabu(ノ)'ω`(ヾ), your friendly neighborhood uke. I collect some figures I like. Oh and uh, also KyoAni owns my soul and all my money goes to the cult of Free! and the church of MakoHaru.

♥ I have a flickr account for posting solely photos of item #182298(ext link)

I do not accept very random FR sorry !! ( ;´Д`) Socializing first → FR = OK!!
Feel free(!) to chat with me, I don't bite. :)
♥ Always feel free(!) to ask site/hobby questions/advice, it doesn't bother me. :)
♥ I know a lot about Free! things so feel free(!) to ask me anything, even if I might have to research it for you. I do not mind. :)
♥ There are a lot of non-figure items I have that are not on this website's listing that I consider a part of my collection; most of them are books and a majority of those are BL manga volumes.
There are more goods and media that I want on the site, but I only keep ones that I'd specifically seek and don't just want simply because it's kinda cute/pretty guy on it and that I'd buy on a whim.

♥ I buy Free! things. Feel free(!) to solicit your Free! wares to me via PM. I am interested in almost anything, including magazine extras, magazine pages, keychains, cards, flyers, that piece of paper you're about to throw away...

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