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010 months agokevinlowlkevinlowl
Hi! Your garage kits are awesome, great job on them! :)
011 months agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
Hello! Thanks for adding me back. Very nice collection! :]
01 year agoVongolaTsunaVongolaTsuna
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1842005Unfortunately, that one technically isn't mine, it belongs to my husband, for me to build of course. If you are just wanting it to build rather than collecting an official item, E20 has recasts of that kit.

aw sad haha anyways do you know where i can still buy one?
01 year agoVongolaTsunaVongolaTsuna
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1839852I don't really sell much. The few things I want to sell are listed in my shop, but I mainly collect a few series that I really like so I have no intention of selling them. Why, was there something you were wanting?

yes yes i really like the garage kite that you owned are you by any chance letting it go?

this one

item #41154

haha sorry im just really a huge dot hack fan and when i saw you have it i just really want to ask
01 year agoVongolaTsunaVongolaTsuna
waaaa are selling some of your stuff? *___*
01 year agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1706840Hi dear!
The particular cast I have, which was purchased second-hand, is pretty decent. Alucard himself is small but it's still a nice kit. Be aware though, he doesn't come with all the books. To get some, I purchased a resin casting of stacked books from E2046. I purchased one stack but two would be better so it looks most like the prototype. I'm not sure if Tamas is from the same cast batch as mine, but I can take photos of him and the extra book stacks next to a ruler for size comparison, if you'd like =)

That sounds good! I think I might pick him up in the future then.
If you don't mind, I would love to see a size comparison. Only if you have the time, then that would be lovely ^^
I'll have to look into buying a few stacks of books for him or I might make some if I can. Thank you very much for notifying me about that small detail.

So, how are you?
01 year agoCinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
Hello! Long time no chat!

I was wondering how this GK is: item #34786?
Is it a nice cast? The measurements make it seem kind of small for what it is (there are so many details, it's crazy). I don't really mind, but does it seem difficult to paint?

I am hoping I can buy it from Tamajani in the future (hopefully!). Alucard is beautiful.
01 year agoJennyfurJennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1466576we like it pretty good. My husband lived here a few years ago and really liked it, though it was my first time moving from home but I like it a lot so far. Just keep wishlisting the SMT stuff and eventually you'll find people selling but also keep on top of stuff to preorder because it's difficult to find after release. If there's anything you're looking for, let me know and I'll see if I can find it. Shelby isn't too far from here, maybe you can come see us one day!

Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you guys are liking it there :) I have a cousin going to UNCC and she likes the area. Thanks so much for the offer to help :) I can't think of anything specific at the moment though. I wish I had half your talent for GKs! That Yu Narukami one you did is just amazing. Btw, I saw your comments on some of the P4 glasses that just came out. If you still need a pair of Kanji's I snagged an extra from amiami :) We could definitely meet up sometime. Do you ever go to Northlake mall? I go there and to Concord Mills at least once a month, so that would be an idea if you'd ever want to!
01 year agoMikainoMikaino I am with you always..
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1469422I need to get the movies, actually. I saw the one on Amazon recently but I'll probably wait until the second one is out...or is it already? I don't recall how many they're going to do but continuing passed the anime and into the manga stuff would be really ideal.
Second comes out on August 6th or something? xD; May be worth getting both at the same time. :3 Last I heard, they were making three, but who knows xD;
01 year agoMikainoMikaino I am with you always..
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1468437My husband and I own a few Tales games. I really love Abyss <3 I'm also a huge SMT fan and a former serious FF fangirl, but my love of FF has died down over the years.
I'm so glad to have another Berserk fan-friend ^____^

GIANT Tales fangirl here XD (But.. probably fairly obvious >.>; Most of what comes out of my mouth anymore is Tales.) Abyss was so great! I think it's my third favorite, after Graces and Vesperia. (But even ranking it third would still make it a #1 to most people really haha!)
Yeah, I have the same mentality with FF D: Mainly when 10-2 came out state-side.. that's when my fandom got pierced through the heart. >.>;

Yeshhh ; w ; I still haven't seen the movie actually, and I own it.. We even pre-ordered the second. I should uh.. get around to that, huh? xD
01 year agoMikainoMikaino I am with you always..
EEEE! Thank you for the FR! Fellow Berserk fans are so hard to find! :D
(And I see you own the 1/8 of Luke, so you're obviously one of the best people ever, because TALES! xD)
01 year agoJennyfurJennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1466501Yaaaay SMT fan!!! My husband and I are huge fans, we spend most of our spare cash on SMT merch XD Thank you for the compliment, we've only started collecting a few years ago but it's gotten pretty substantial. We live in Charlotte, what area are you in?

That's awesome! I just started collecting a little over a year ago, so I hope to keep adding to my collection. I'm about an hour away from Charlotte in Shelby, NC. I go to Charlotte quite a bit though for shopping and stuff. I'll actually be there on Sunday taking an exam lol. How do you like it there?
01 year agoJennyfurJennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
Hi! I just wanted to say you have an amazing SMT collection <3 I live in NC as well, and I've never met anyone in NC that even knew what SMT was!
01 year agoBlueLucineBlueLucine
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1436847I know you fron tumblr, don't I? Welcome to MFC!

Yep, it's me! I'm going to reply to your e-mail about the figmas asap-- just school decided to murder me in my sleep. @_@
01 year agoExoticFoxholesExoticFoxholes
Allow me to say that you have an amazing SMT collection*v*
01 year agoseraph_phoenixseraph_phoenix
Pulseline's review of their awesome Narukami Yu/Shujinko GK I had the pleasure of building --> (ext link)
01 year agoshrugsshrugs
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1390254It's totally acceptable to say hi and thanks for a FR ^__^ I saw you on the D-Arts Raidou page with a Phantasy Star avatar and I was like OMFG *cling* I played PSO for years on the GCN and later BB on PC. I haven't started PSO 2 yet though, I'm too busy!

Oh ok, good lol. ^_^ And haha yeah thanks, my avatar is Rika from PS4. I never got to play PSO since I didn't have a system/computer that could support it back in the day and only played the older PS rpgs, but I have given PSO-2 some serious thought...haven't gotten to it yet though because Guild Wars 2 lol.
01 year agoshrugsshrugs
Oh hey, I haven't gotten a FR on here before, thank you. ^_^ (I hope it's proper protocol to say hi on here and I'm not being a weirdo lol.) Nice collection! Love the Megami Tensei trading figures.
01 year ago (1 year ago)CinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1374637Western Union is fine, hon, I don't have a problem with it. Any particular reason you use it over Paypal? There's a store that has the first Raidou game but it's like 1.5 hours away, in another city. I'll keep an eye out for if any in my city get them. I live in Charlotte, so that's a pretty good likelihood ^__^

Okay, thank you very much :D I told my dad about this and he's fine with it as well- so everything is A-okay!
Well, my dad completely does not allow me to even think about using paypal since he doesn't trust it. I can't talk him out of not trusting it either and I don't have a credit card yet to make my own decisions with online shopping. So, I am limited for now to using western union- which isn't a terrible issue, but paypal seems more convenient and easier. I can't do proxy or buy from international sites, so that's a let down...ah, well!
Okay, thanks! I'll wait patiently! I am excited xD
Please, message me when you do find any copies of it!

Thanks sooooooo much! I really appreciate this alot ^.^
01 year ago (1 year ago)CinnamonSwirlsCinnamonSwirls
seraph_phoenix (1 year ago) #1368578Oh god, yeah I wouldn't both with online then, even auctions will probably go pretty high. You're in Canada, does GameStop have stores up there or are there other little game shops? My husband and I see them from time to time and we gift them to friends who are looking for them. Do you want me to grab one if I can find it and you can pay me over Paypal?

(Continuing conversation from Raidou's info page)

Yeah, we have some Gamestop stores and EB Games too. Although, I've never seen the games there before :O I guess people swipe them right when they come in. I'll have to keep a close eye out.
Thank you very much for the offer! If you do ever find it, I would definetly be interested :D
Would it be okay- if you did happen to come across one- that I pay you through western union if that time ever comes? Would that be alright? Sorry if that's an inconvenience in any way >.<'
Thank you very much once again- I really appreciate it alot!

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