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if you lay one finger on my girlfriend i will stab you in the throat

cheers ♥

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01 month agoGioGio97GioGio97
Thank you for accepting my friend request! I love Honoka too *^*
01 month agoblueraibluerai
setsunyan (1 month ago) #2582019Grattis på födelsedan~ :3

Tackar tackar! ~ (●^o^●)
02 months ago (2 months ago)ErenJagerErenJager meatloaf
setsunyan (3 months ago) #2490010Yeah RAHs are so fun to play with when you have many XD wish I had a bit more 1/6 scale accessories, most of them are figma sized
And yes I feel that pain in my wallet already......
I'm just working now on my first "real" cosplay costume, it's pretty exciting
Guess I didn't reply to this woops! I wish I had some accessories as well. I only have this one jacket for this future RAH I'm getting .... that I wish I had canceled since playmoya had a sale on their preorders for half the price ugh!! I'm also pretty sure it will go into the bargain bin or lower in price. I have an Aoba scale for January as well which was supposed to release this month... and it got moved next month.... I kinda wish it didn't delay though...................... I'm bad with saving money for too long. ;A;

Awesome! I'm currently getting ready for my next con next month and hoping my final cosplay will be finished soon so I can EMS it instead of using DHL. Saves me money lol.
02 months agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
God jul!
02 months agoMigonMigon Saber Freak
setsunyan (2 months ago) #2529315Nu är vi definitivt det i alla fall ^q^
Allt fixat! :D

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