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Everything in my collection that is not from my favorite origins/characters (see list here on the right) is for sale, please don't hesitate to inquire about it!

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01 day agoMigonMigon Saber Freak
setsunyan (1 day ago) #2529315Nu är vi definitivt det i alla fall ^q^
Allt fixat! :D
01 day agoMigonMigon Saber Freak
setsunyan (1 day ago) #2529311Eeeh maji!?? Vi var inte redan???
jag trodde det också! jävla udda. :/
01 day agoMigonMigon Saber Freak
Why we no friends on MFC?! :P
(easier for stalking then. ;3)
018 days agoErenJagerErenJager
setsunyan (21 days ago) #2481334Wow what a pain! but I'm glad you could get a new one at least. Isn't he great?
I'm okay, got a bit hooked on Love Live, there's too much merch for this series >u>;;
He is great and looks lovely. I also traded locally for RAH Gyro so all 3 (Rohan, Gyro, Dio) look great posing together.
I have tried Love Live before (but of course I got busy with school) I think I'd be addicted as well if I had time to play it which would be not good on my wallet especially since I also like cosplaying as well. Merch + cosplay= killer for my broke wallet that I like to cave in a lot
021 days agoErenJagerErenJager
And Dio is forever stuck at customs! I got refunded and found a cheaper one ... now I finally have Dio in my hands. Also it's been awhile how have you been anyway?

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