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Everything in my collection that is not from my favorite origins/characters (see list here on the right) is for sale, please don't hesitate to inquire about it!

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020 hours agoMyu-chanMyu-chan
setsunyan (1 day ago) #2428751I just wanted to say you have good taste haha that's all. Good luck with collecting!

Oh, thank you!! ❤
You also have a great taste! All that JoJo figures... *-* How lucky you are!
Oh, and good luck too n_n
010 days ago (10 days ago)seongyeol91seongyeol91
setsunyan (13 days ago) #2406681Abbacchio is my husband, there is no way I will ever sell any of my figures of him.
its okay!! thank you anyways :D
015 days agoseongyeol91seongyeol91
are you willing to sell item #77648? i know abbacchio is one of your faves but its for a friend and they want him really badly.. sorry!
01 month agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
setsunyan (1 month ago) #2330285Happy Birthday Kibi~!! Tack så mycket! ^_^
03 months agoErenJagerErenJager
setsunyan (3 months ago) #2246911I think I used registered SAL for all of them. Usually I don't have problem with SAL but Bruno took 6 weeks to get here orz I kinda wish I went with DHL for Rohan now but I already paid for him. This better not be the same as Dio =.= I am just too impatient for SAL for my first RAHs. I just want to pose them and get a feel of them. )-: Customs why you do this to me.

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