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01 year agochronoluminachronolumina
Ah, so you got her already. Such a beauty she is, indeed indeed. And now, I'm waiting for my Kasuta. ( ゚▽゚)/
01 year agoKabKab
shaneoyo (1 year ago) #1800341Kabanos I found your room: (ext link) (´・ω・`)
Why? I'm not an Eilafag ;_;
I wish my room was so neatly organised, it's a fucking mess of half naked animu girls now. Maybe I'll reorganize and repaint it soon
01 year agochronoluminachronolumina
This isn't about boobs, good sir! This is about love. Tamamo~ <3
11 year agoTheRasIsBackTheRasIsBack
01 year ago (1 year ago)chronoluminachronolumina
That so? THE HOLY LAND OF BUYFAGS! Oh man, I hope I can go there some day, and check out the Mandarake branch there (there IS one, right?). Hopefully, I can bring about 700 USD to shop around for whatever I might have missed. Your preorders are fine, I hope? I have had to cancel quite a few orders because I overspent. For shame. Well, you have lots of fun there, mate! Tell me all about it once you're back! :D

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