shawuraishawurai n/a


Name: ask me and maybe I'll tell...
Internet name(s): people on the internet know me as 'shawurai' (some like to 'shaw' since it is shorter and easier to write. I don't see a problem with that so 'shaw' is fine toe me). 'Dark Elf' and 'SU' were sometimes used by me as well.
Location: Belgium, a bit south of Brussels.
Languages: Dutch, French and English (and one day maybe Japanese)
Interests: visual novels, photoshop (a bit less these days), games (visual novels and RPGs), anime, manga.
Music: songs from anime and visual novels. Soundtracks from movies, anime or visual novels (music from piano and other string instrument + a bit of orchestra music is also to my liking as long as it isn't too classic)
Things I'm proud of: my anime DVD/manga/artbook collection, and my collection of imported Japaneses goods (Visuals Novels and Dakimakura covers at the top of that list).

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