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Hey I am shiki, I am about to start studying robotics at uni. other than that I watch far too much anime, I game...a little bit anyway, I like drawing, making clothes, sculting and anything else that is slightly crafty even though I like to take my time and have a lot of breaks between projects, which is probably why I have 100s of incomplete drawing ect. errrrr....feel free to add me XD

First figure PO/ First action figure PO: item #129201

First Trading figure PO: item #159002 and item #159000

First pre painted anime figure owned: item #103862

First figma: item #144335

First scaled figure: item #109860

First Nendoroid: item #153779

View spoilerHide spoilerJan: Nothing
Feb: Nothing
March: item #236163 , item #246291
April: item #259850 (hopefully)
May: item #235879 , item #261688
June: item #236206 ,item #273208 , item #209046 (maybe depends on money :/)
July: item #216857 , item #236262 , item #287067 , item #287862 , item #287851 (Maybe), item #273206 (maybe) <--hell month
August: item #236127
Sept: item #264423
Oct: Nothing
Nov: Nothing
Dec: Nothing

Anime and manga
View spoilerHide spoilerSo this is where I would normaly talk about what animes I am watching and which are my favourites so far, but then I stoped doing lists as its just easier to say what animes I am not watching then to say which ones i am. so instead I will post a link to my anime list.....which isnt on Myanimelist btw. - anime | manga | reviews

View spoilerHide spoilerLike I said I dont play much mainly MMORPGs.
Cba to update this all the time so have my steam please be aware I only got steam resently and it dosent have half the games I acctualy play on there :( [ext link ]

View spoilerHide spoileryeah I am doing it must make like 20 billion gifs first :P
NO.1 Ranko

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01 year agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
Happy Birthday... xD xD
02 years agodimxxzdimxxz ♥初音ミク
You're welcome :) Thanks for accepting my FR! :)
shiki-kywketsuki (2 years ago) #2851363Thanks for the FR
02 years agoYamiNoManifesutoYamiNoManifesuto
shiki-kywketsuki (2 years ago) #2705934No idea the tooth fairy?
Damn, ya got me :P
02 years agoYamiNoManifesutoYamiNoManifesuto
Guess who :P
02 years agoKiririn-chanKiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
I have so much pre-ordered this year.
I could not say no ...

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