shinhawkshinhawk Honor your damn pre-orders.


I will NOT accept friend requests from people I do not know in real life.

"You have the right to an opinion. You do not have the right to have that opinion agreed with, respected, taken seriously or even heard." - Ricky Gervais


Current Interests:
Top Gear | Formula One | Ayrton Senna | The King of Fighters | Professional Wrestling | Cooking | Fate/Stay Night | Nippon Ichi Software | Tsunderes | Hyperdimension Neptunia | Video Games | TV Tropes | Cheesecake

I joined MFC to stay updated on figures. I'm a weary about having more internet friends, but I don't rule out discussing figures here. What else is there to do?

My annoyance in this community is anyone who constantly cancels pre-orders or tries to pass those off to other members because of their inability to properly manage their finances. Those kind of people need to be more responsible and honestly, its quite pathetic how often I see it happening. Everything else is okay.

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