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07 months agoAimaileafyAimaileafy
shinjik (7 months ago) #17927016I'm always happy to help in any way I can ^_^ This new figure from e2046, they promise to open pre-orders this month. And I really love KawoShin couple <3

Aaaaw, thankyou!! I will stare at e2046's page! I AM SO MUCH GOING TO PRE-ORDER IT ♥ Im actually quite sad that they and their work seem to be... somehow... forbidden here? I love to add figures to the wish/ordered/-list and their work is so great... thanks for the information and the FR!
07 months agoAimaileafyAimaileafy
Thankyou so much for the Mandarake link! And in general all your Sailor Moon Information ♥! I follow you on twitter and the newest Tweet with the Sailor Moon-Figure of the promo-poster took my breath away. SO SO PRETTY!

And you are also a KawoShin-Supporter! If you don't mind... I've sent you an FR >////w////< ♥
09 months agosnow_himesnow_hime
Thank you for FR :)
01 year agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Can you explain these to me? (mfc link)

I don't really get them, are they folders? How big are they? = w =
02 years agoAkibaMelonAkibaMelon
Hey there! (⌒▽⌒) Спасибо for accepting my FR! I've actually never sent out a FR myself, but your Sailor Moon collection is simply so amazing and inspiring, I just had to! (・∀・)
I'm also following you on Twitter btw! Nice account! (^u^)
Lots of greetings (^^)/~~~

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