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Currently settled in Houston, TX. Mainly collects Transformers but started collecting Japanese figures and toys as well from mid-2009 onwards but has currently cooled off due to now having too much of that stuff. Needs to re-arrange room to fit all the new toys & figures that accumulated. Knows some Japanese and uses that knowledge to read, watch, and play raw manga, anime, and eroge.

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02 years agoDucksDucks
shizen22Konnichiwa~! Thank you for the FR! Good luck in your figure quest!
Thanks for accepting and likewise :D
02 years agoSubtranceSubtrance
shizen22Happy Birthday! (I mention it now because I'll forget later. :P)

Thank you! Ha! Nice.
02 years agoMikuo_HatsuneMikuo_Hatsune
Happy Bday :)
02 years agoAvalonJaneAvalonJane
shizen22Hi! Welcome to the board! I think you'll find a few familiar faces here. :D
Thank you! It's somewhat less daunting coming to a new site when there's people I recognize! =D
02 years agoGrannyNannyGrannyNanny
shizen22Yeah, maybe; I visit both once in a while.
Either way, nice to meet you. :D

Nice to meet you as well. :D

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