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To Know or Not to Know MeThanks For Getting to Know Me-HELLO!-

I was an avid manga and art book collector for the past ten years but on a crazy whim, I decided to sell them all to jump into the figure collecting world. I am still a big fan of CLAMP. So far, no regrets with the new hobby and I'm glad to see many old timers and experienced collectors in this community. Please treat me kindly! I also collect teddy bears and scarves on the side...

During my manga collecting and anime watching years, I used to randomly buy trading figures from my local Japanese import store; unfortunately, it is now closed and I can only connect to my hobby through the internet. Sadly, I lost most of them and the only ones I have left to reminiscence about are the Kaiyodo Movic Chobits trading figures that I have on my shelf, which I look on fondly once in a while.

Then, I happened upon Wonder Showcase's Rei and Asuka non-scale by Kawanishi Ken at this random video store in this random mall. I didn't put much importance on this as it was a compulsive buy of an NGE fan. Now, they're definitely one of my favorite figures; I'm glad I kept them.

My first scale figure was Hachikuji Mayoi of GSC, so I officially became a collector on the autumn of 2011, my favorite season! My collection is small, my order list is overwhelming and my wish list is depressingly increasing as I find more figures I take a fancy on...we'll see how far I can get through this new journey. I'm a veritable, compulsive buyer so I tend to get figures based on just aesthetic reasons as well...woe is me.

I've watched many anime when I was a kid and the ones which made the most impact were NGE, Rurouni Kenshin, Yuyu Hakusho, the Gundam series, DBZ, Fushigi Yugi and Sailor Moon; I've watched many others, but I forgot the titles. I continue to watch anime when I find the time in between college classes and my job.

I'd love to be anyone's friend, even if we don't have the same interests, so please don't hesitate to chat with me first! I'm sorry to say, but random FRs will be denied, so let's get to know each other. I'd like to have an idea of who you are before we can be friends :3

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