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Hello! And, welcome to my newly redone profile! I've been here at MFC since 2010. I started collecting figures that year with purchasing item #13242 as my first ever figure. In 2011, my figure collecting started to explode and now here I am with my entire collection up to this point.

In the '90s, when I was 6, I watched Sailor Moon and Pokémon which I didn't realize that they were Anime from Japan at the time. Keroro Gunsou was the first ever Anime & Manga I knew was from Japan and I haven't looked back at my decision since. I guess I didn't start to collect anything until a friend during my freshman year of high school introduced me to Keroro as well as getting things shipped from Korea that a friend would send her and she would share with me.

Where I live is a very tiny town nestled in Southern California - Oak View, to be exact. I'm also short, blonde-haired and blue-eyed. I can be a bit of a chronic procrastinator and also lazy, however, I'm still extremely hard-working and will always strive to keep moving forward and doing the very best work I can. I'm working full time for an electronics company only a couple of miles away from me as one of their lead electrical assembly technicians. I'm also thinking about going back to college/university for some degrees in the medical field or law - but, we'll see about that. I also am an assistant manager for the Volunteer Resources Department for AnimeEXPO in the Society For The Promotion Of Japanese Animation (SPJA). I have been a staff member for the department since 2011.

Anyways, that's just a little about me! I love to talk to people so please don't hesitate to start a conversation with me! さようなら今のところ :3

monochrome colors ● reading ● photography ● computers ● cooking ● drawing ● graphic design ● chocolate ● friends ● classical music ● being outside ● happiness ● laughter ● films ● sushi ● cold green tea ● petrichor ● nutella ● selflessness ● being fashionable ● thai iced tea ● coffee ● swimming ● learning ● sand between my toes ● fall season ● spicy food ● sleeping in ● science ● cleaning ● history ●


weather extremes ● pineapples ● violence ● homophobia ● ignorance ● rats ● people who don't try ● rap ● most soda ● jerks ● reality television ● insects ● mathematics ● arrogance ● miracle whip ● telemarketers ● yappy dogs ● greed ● cigarettes ● cussing ● idiotic films ● extreme sweetness with anything edible ● drunkenness ● bad hygiene ● hentai ●

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05 months agoMatrawMatraw
Happy Birthday ! :D
07 months agoMatrawMatraw
sillyker0nian (7 months ago) #18586658Thanks for the FR! :DD

Thank you too :) You have a nice collection ! :D
01 year agoAliciaLuvsChu2AliciaLuvsChu2
sillyker0nian (1 year ago) #12849200Happy Birthday! :D

Thank you ^^
02 years agoLittleredguardLittleredguard
thanks for accepting :)
02 years agoarianehkarianehk
sillyker0nian (2 years ago) #2907052Probably not, haha. I was just thinking maybe you wanted to know since we talked about figures of her :)
plus, yeah, i want to save money as well and will wait for either alter or gsc.

above all things, i really hope Karen and Tsukihi nendoroids will be made :/

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