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I admit that I'm an animefreak. I draw it, I watch it, I collect it and I like it ^-^. My dream: going to Japan and believe me I'll make this wish come true! ;)
Feel free to add me:)) I love to draw anime talk about series,pictures and figures but also about other things. (Still need to get better camera >.< then I can finally start making pictures were I'm really sastified with)but everytime I want to buy one I see a new figure and well....there goes my money XD

My list of pvc's that I really really want
Hanekawa and shinobu~bakemonogatari
ikaros bunny ~sora no otoshomonp ^^
Shining Hearts - Melty de Granite - Sorbet - 1/8 (Alter)
sonico bath & sweets
collecting goals in order:
2:bakemonogatari figs
3:sora no otoshimono figs

the characters I like:
Rea from sankarea and saeko from High school of the dead zombies are cool^_^
Louise from zero no tsukaima
gasai yuno from mirai nikki
kurumu from rosario vampire
aisaka taiga from toradora
Ikaros from sora no otoshimono

And my personal favourites are Ikaros from sora no otoshimono and sonico especially sonico XD (not the really spicy one's I just like her face and hair not the ero ;p)

Things I want to do and I MUST succeed or else I'll go crazy XD just kidding I'm hoping to achieve these things :
*Buying really really much sonico figures(not everyone of her ofcourse)
*getting the figs above
*Colleting all the bakemonogatari figures( I want one of all the main characters and I'm already owning senjyougahara :DD
*winning the lottery so I can buy EVERY figure I want *sigh* like that's going to happen XD well I keep it real I want to stay with the first 3 points hahah
*becoming an excelent anime drawer

Started collecting since 10_09_2011 still haven't got many figures but louise is my first and definitely not my last really good figure.^-^

I think that tsundre's and yandre's are the most cool characters and that sword art online the best anime ever is.


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