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Nice to meet you! My name is Mike, and I've been a figure collector since 2012. I started out with Nendoroids after stumbling upon Mikatan's blog, but have since branched out to scale figures. I'm also passionate about eroge, doujinshi, dakimakura, and anime. I'm currently learning Japanese, and hope to be a translator someday. Feel free to send a friend request!

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110 days agovvoiddvvoidd
Happy birthday!
21 month agodarkfaderdarkfader
Thank you for the FR! Nice collection.
12 months agosarisariasarisaria DREAM FIGHTER
skythnir2501 (2 months ago) #22282929Thank you for your friend request!
thank you for accepting! you have an amazing collection (ノ´∀`*)
23 months agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Thank you so much for the FR!! Ahh it looks like we both love the same eroge and artists! It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope to become good friends!
15 months agonodynunodynu
This is very late, but, thank you so much!
skythnir2501 (5 months ago) #18962551Happy Birthday!

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