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Hello there! My name is Mike and I'm 26 years old! I live in Michigan City, IN in the United States. I've been a figure collector since 2012. I started out with Nendoroids after stumbling upon Mikatan's blog, but have since branched out to scale figures. I'm also passionate about eroge, doujinshi, dakimakuras, and anime. I speak decent Japanese, but I'm still not good at it yet.

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07 days agosarisariasarisaria DREAM FIGHTER
skythnir2501 (7 days ago) #22282929Thank you for your friend request!
thank you for accepting! you have an amazing collection (ノ´∀`*)
21 month agoMitsunaMitsuna Little Busters Saikou!
Thank you so much for the FR!! Ahh it looks like we both love the same eroge and artists! It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope to become good friends!
13 months agonodynunodynu
This is very late, but, thank you so much!
skythnir2501 (3 months ago) #18962551Happy Birthday!
14 months agovvoiddvvoidd
skythnir2501 (4 months ago) #18407290Thanks for accepting my FR!

Can't refuse one from a fellow Maitetsu fan!
14 months agomeowbertmeowbert
skythnir2501 (4 months ago) #17945962Happy Birthday!

thank you very much

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