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01 month agoMilad-66Milad-66
thanks for accepting :)
01 month agoMilad-66Milad-66
Nice collection!
02 months agomaggiemaggie
I loved your convention story about the voice actress for Lynn Minmay from Macross!! Yes, seriously, who DOESN'T KNOW Minmay!? That must have been amazingly surreal. What a great memory.

It's nice to see another collector that was around during the old fansub tapes era. Man, I would watch almost anything I could get my hands on. Nowadays it's so accessible it's overwhelming, and I've become immensely picky (plus I've outgrown a lot of series, of course).

My boyfriend was excited to look through your collection, I told him to take a look as you seemed to like the same series. He was very interested in all the 'obscure game figures' haha! He's also looking for the older Nishimura Kinu street fighter figures.

In any case, nice to meet you! Don't be a stranger :-)
04 months agoshinobi1984shinobi1984
i like your collection nice choice in figures you have
05 months agoShadowSkilzShadowSkilz
Nice collection of Bishoujos, a few ones are in my wishlist. I can say you have good taste ! ^^

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