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Hello! I'm a 20 something year old who resides in the land of potatoes. I've been collecting for about as long as I've had a MFC profile and I'm drawn to nendos and goods like keychains. I also collect prize figures! In real life I work as a technician in the optical field and can answer any questions you have about glasses! When I'm not collecting weeb shit or eyeglasses, I'm playing video games.

In the figure world I'm an Admin of the Group Order club: club #618

I'm also an Admin of the unofficial Wonfes/MFC discord server: [ext link ]

If you need any help with either the discord server or GO related matters, please feel free to PM me, leave a comment or contact me on one of my other social media accounts.

Twitter: [ext link ]
Discord Tag: Snownee#8219

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