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Anime fansubber. Blogger (Random Curiosity), Amateur photographer.

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110 months agopriskuprisku
your photos are amazing!!
110 months agoTerrenceTerrence Let's start from zero~
Hello, was just looking through some of your pictures when I noticed you were also Zephyr from Random C. It's really cool to see a blogger that has an extensive figure collection! I'm a somewhat frequent visitor on Random C (goes by ChromeNova). Anyway, just wanted to greet you, and keep up the good work with blogging and collecting~
01 year agoAsclepsiosAsclepsios
solidsnake994 (1 year ago) #3501841Hey. Na, there's a nail behind it holding it up eh.
Really sorry for the late reply. i already noticed your reply but i got some real life issues to do ;~;

so, you holding it with a nail ? i wonder how you do that because mine almost fell when i hang it up lol.
01 year agoAsclepsiosAsclepsios
Hi. i'd like to know how actually you hang item #221975 to the wall. do you use the sellotape or something ?
01 year agosolidsnake994solidsnake994
TyjosAzari (1 year ago) #3161920How are those Macross Frontier 1/72 Kits? I got Alto's VF-25 and Got the VF-27 coming in, were they easy to put together?

They were pretty nice to make, but they did ultimately take a lot of time if you go into panel lining and the such. If I remember correctly, I took an average of about a dozen hours per kit eh. Just note there's a tendency for it to be a tad fragile when it's all said and done, so be careful transforming it/moving it around. I've heard some guys intentionally bought extra kits to leave them in a certain pose eh.

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