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05 days agoMelKeigoMelKeigo
Your photos are amazing!! What camera do you use? I've been wanting a new one.
Congrats on your pics!!
04 months agoASH-HikariASH-Hikari
Hi! Your username looks really familiar to you happen to be an artist on Minitokyo?
09 months agosilentxangelsilentxangel
srsng (9 months ago) #1946167And I guess I'm late for your contest...
Yup, haha! It's done :D
09 months agosilentxangelsilentxangel
srsng (9 months ago) #1920292LOKI STUFFSS!!! OMG haha I almost forgot you're a Loki fan Hiddies *did I get that right?* haha
Yes...I'm a general in Loki's Army >:D
09 months agosilentxangelsilentxangel
srsng (9 months ago) #1918491Oh I'm not active in there sadly. So what did you get?
Nope... Even though we're chinese, we don't participate in fireworks coz it's dangerous and hazardous. I usually spend new year's eve watching countdown on TV of different countries, but for some unknown reason, this year, I went to lalala dreamland instead.

I'm so glad you're going to be more active in FGC now! You can promote your pics there! Everyone is really nice :)

As for what I got, some figures, miscellaneous anime stuff, Greek treats, homemade accessories, and Loki stuff <3

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