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05 years agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
Really like your reviews, tutorials, and pictures. I've noticed that your website has taken somewhat of a hiatus... hope you come back and start writing again :)
07 years agoKCKoopaKCKoopa 完成した模型愛好家
I absolutely adore your review on the recent and beautiful Momohime :D
Im also a fan of HappySoda and recall the entries regarding Alter's Rin Tohsaka and her leaning issue. You've helped solve my leaning problem with her and I have you to thank :]
07 years agoryAnr0cksryAnr0cks
hi!! im a fan of happy soda.. got tip and tricks in figure photoshoot on your site.. thanks!!
07 years agofama226fama226 Micronize me
Thank you very much for joining the Nitro+ and Niθ Fanclub! Feel free to drop in whenever you see fit!
07 years agocdROOTatNIXcdROOTatNIX
Hello, and warm welcome to our friendly community from my befalf, I hope you enjoy your stay and have fun while collecting!

By the way, when replying to someone's comment, use the Reply link bellow the said post, that way you can be sure that the intended receiver gets your message!


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