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Hey, your inbox is full! Trying to send an invoice for the BNHA straps~
1 month ago
Yasha_Hikari (6 months ago) #19599719Hello! It looks like your inbox is full, and I need to message you about the Suruga-ya GO. D:

Hello :D My apologies and thank you for letting me know!! I have cleared out my inbox :) Thank you~!!
6 months ago
Hello! It looks like your inbox is full, and I need to message you about the Suruga-ya GO. D:
6 months ago
sweetangel720 (6 months ago) #19330019Happy Birthday my friend~☆☆☆
Hope you have a wonderful and awesome day with your family and friends~♡
God bless you~!!
Thank you darling! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
I will! though I will be enjoying my birthday next week with my friends, different schedules and all haha. Many thanks! I hope he does bless you as well! ^3^
I will be sure to comment on your wall as well on your birthday~
6 months ago
Hii! Was trying to send you an invoice for the B-Pro Nitotans, but your inbox is full!
9 months ago
sweetangel720 (1 year ago) #15251919Yes, Rei is popular XD, he's really popular in Japan too it's so difficult to get his items cheap :/ Btw, thank you for giving away your spot :) I'll try my best to fill in the spots so others can get him too :D
Ahh, this game is so difficult to get a 5 star. It's nice that you have a 4 star of one of your favorites! I'm gonna try to get a 4 or 5 star of Rei on his birthday gacha (Although everyone says that they don't work)! I really like Hokuto too, but I don't have his 4 star card either T_T
Ohh, is Kanata your favorite? I like your profile picture btw! I like his personality, so calm and kind (-w-). And yes, Chiaki and Midori! Chiaki is a great leader I think, but he doesn't listen to his members that much lol. And Midori! His love for yuru characters is just amazing XD It's like his only motive in life lol. I also like Mika too (his eyes (*_*)) Yeah, we both have different favorite characters! But it's very interesting to know other people's favorites!
Yes, we should talk about units! I like Trickstar, Undead, Ryuseitai, Knights, Fine, 2Wink, Valkrie, Switch, Akatsuki, and Ra*bits in order (I think). Ohh, your favorite is Ryuseitai? They are a funny group XD Lots of gags and fun in them! I like them too <3 I like Trickstar and Undead as my tops favs :) yes, both of them has my favorite characters, but I also love their songs! Knights is also cool. So many unique characters in there :D All of them have such nice styles of clothing XD
Ah, dang, I wish I saw your cuter profile! It's still really cute though ^^ I know, it's so fun to look at other people's profile and collections! Everyone has lots of creativity :3 And yes, I should start creating my own profile sooner or later!

sorry it took me a long time to get back to this particular comment! I know your pain of collecting characters and their not cheap :'(
its okay <3 you take heaps as it is so you don't have to do that ^-^
Yes Kanata is one of my favourites ^3^ ! my main favourite too so I have to have him to get anything else. Thank you ~ and yes :3
Yes exactly! its wonderful to see who likes what :3
I kinda feel like midori at the moment - I feel like my only motive in life right now id to live long enough to play the final kingdom hearts games - I couldn't help but be overjoyed when I saw the final trailer for 2.8 final chapter prologue OwO ! Oh! but its sad, they made like final mixes for petty much everything which where like the 'enchanced versions' but those never come out in English *smashes head on the wall*

Its been a while since your comment so I imagion you have heard the new Valkyrie and Switch music? (btw I like ra*bits new album just a tad more) anyway I don't know about you but VALKYRIE WAS AMAZING - JOY TO MY EARS!!! <33333 and switch reminded me of a techno version of fine LOL

I agree with your comments about the units :) Creativity is what makes the world go round :3
10 months ago
Hi there! I was wondering if you wanted to drop/confirm any slots here? club/618/discus... Since the confirmation deadline passed over the weekend, I just want to see which slots I should still be worried about. Thanks!
1 year ago
sweetangel720 (1 year ago) #15315226Ahh, there's alot, but I really like Natsume Yuujinchou, Bungo Stray Dogs, Haikyuu, Shingeki, Evangelion and Magi. For the recent ones, I like Tsukiuta, Chikyuu Boueibu, Touken Ranbu, Osomatsu-san, Mononokean, Servamp, and many many more! Hm, that's as many as I can think of out of my head now (I know there's a lot more xD) Ah, I see some Naruto and Bleach in your collections :) Do you like them? For me, I really love reading Naruto!
Can I ask some of your favorite animes? And mangas too!

Omg I haven't seen any of the animes from your list XD I need to watch more anime...but I just don't have the time >.< Yesss I love Naruto and Bleach! <3 They're my favorite animes along with One Piece! :3 I also like Love Live, Attack on Titan, Your Lie in April, and many more xD Who is your favorite character(s) from Naruto? And what volume are you on in Naruto? (and did you watch the Naruto anime?) :3 As for mangas, my favorites are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Kitchen Princess (it's not a very popular manga, but I read it in my school library and I liked it!)
1 year ago
sweetangel720 (1 year ago) #15266241Thank you very much for the nice comment~!! I like your collections too, so many cute figures <33
And your profile is veryy cute too!

Thank you so much! :D What are some of your favorite animes? :3
1 year ago
Hi there! I really like your figure collection, you have so many male figures <3
1 year ago
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