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04 months agosweetangel720sweetangel720
Yasha_Hikari (4 months ago) #19599719Hello! It looks like your inbox is full, and I need to message you about the Suruga-ya GO. D:

Hello :D My apologies and thank you for letting me know!! I have cleared out my inbox :) Thank you~!!
04 months agoYasha_HikariYasha_Hikari
Hello! It looks like your inbox is full, and I need to message you about the Suruga-ya GO. D:
04 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
sweetangel720 (4 months ago) #19330019Happy Birthday my friend~☆☆☆
Hope you have a wonderful and awesome day with your family and friends~♡
God bless you~!!
Thank you darling! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
I will! though I will be enjoying my birthday next week with my friends, different schedules and all haha. Many thanks! I hope he does bless you as well! ^3^
I will be sure to comment on your wall as well on your birthday~
07 months agotanzanitetanzanite
Hii! Was trying to send you an invoice for the B-Pro Nitotans, but your inbox is full!
08 months agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
sweetangel720 (10 months ago) #15251919Yes, Rei is popular XD, he's really popular in Japan too it's so difficult to get his items cheap :/ Btw, thank you for giving away your spot :) I'll try my best to fill in the spots so others can get him too :D
Ahh, this game is so difficult to get a 5 star. It's nice that you have a 4 star of one of your favorites! I'm gonna try to get a 4 or 5 star of Rei on his birthday gacha (Although everyone says that they don't work)! I really like Hokuto too, but I don't have his 4 star card either T_T
Ohh, is Kanata your favorite? I like your profile picture btw! I like his personality, so calm and kind (-w-). And yes, Chiaki and Midori! Chiaki is a great leader I think, but he doesn't listen to his members that much lol. And Midori! His love for yuru characters is just amazing XD It's like his only motive in life lol. I also like Mika too (his eyes (*_*)) Yeah, we both have different favorite characters! But it's very interesting to know other people's favorites!
Yes, we should talk about units! I like Trickstar, Undead, Ryuseitai, Knights, Fine, 2Wink, Valkrie, Switch, Akatsuki, and Ra*bits in order (I think). Ohh, your favorite is Ryuseitai? They are a funny group XD Lots of gags and fun in them! I like them too <3 I like Trickstar and Undead as my tops favs :) yes, both of them has my favorite characters, but I also love their songs! Knights is also cool. So many unique characters in there :D All of them have such nice styles of clothing XD
Ah, dang, I wish I saw your cuter profile! It's still really cute though ^^ I know, it's so fun to look at other people's profile and collections! Everyone has lots of creativity :3 And yes, I should start creating my own profile sooner or later!

sorry it took me a long time to get back to this particular comment! I know your pain of collecting characters and their not cheap :'(
its okay <3 you take heaps as it is so you don't have to do that ^-^
Yes Kanata is one of my favourites ^3^ ! my main favourite too so I have to have him to get anything else. Thank you ~ and yes :3
Yes exactly! its wonderful to see who likes what :3
I kinda feel like midori at the moment - I feel like my only motive in life right now id to live long enough to play the final kingdom hearts games - I couldn't help but be overjoyed when I saw the final trailer for 2.8 final chapter prologue OwO ! Oh! but its sad, they made like final mixes for petty much everything which where like the 'enchanced versions' but those never come out in English *smashes head on the wall*

Its been a while since your comment so I imagion you have heard the new Valkyrie and Switch music? (btw I like ra*bits new album just a tad more) anyway I don't know about you but VALKYRIE WAS AMAZING - JOY TO MY EARS!!! <33333 and switch reminded me of a techno version of fine LOL

I agree with your comments about the units :) Creativity is what makes the world go round :3

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