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Mostly here to find friends to obsesses over nendoroids with and of course keep a record of just how broke I am getting because of them.
I have no real interest in doing toy photography myself as I have no money and no skills. But I love sharing the little dioramas I make and pose my nendos in. Watch me descend into madness as I spend all my money and sanity making a better home and life for my nendos rather than for myself. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Also I NEED GSC to make me nendoroids of the Noragami gang and Handa and Naru from Barakamon. T_T

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09 months agoJess-kaneJess-kane
sychaotik (9 months ago) #15951782Here's to you having an amazing birthday. I hope you have a great day :)

Thank you so much! I sure will :)
09 months agoSonicSweetiSonicSweeti
sychaotik (9 months ago) #15967163I don't use Skype often but I do text constantly on Line. It's a messenger app and I like it because it lets me add people using just their user ids. Also it seems to have become popular in the anime world. Most shows that have their characters texting these days seem to be using the app lol but would you like to add me on Line? My username on the app is the same as it is here on MFC
I dont have that app and I'm afraid I'd forget about it ;o; OH! youre welcome to add me on Facebook if you'd like! We first met there! :D
09 months agoSonicSweetiSonicSweeti
sychaotik (9 months ago) #15966466Greninja is a Pokemon. Ash greninja is the greninja that belonged to Ash..Please don't ask me who Ash is lol but just in case you do not know, he is the protagonist of the Pokemon show. Anyway, the demo gives you Ash's greninja as your pokemon to play the demo with. WHen the new game launches you can transfer that free greninja to the main game so you already have a cool greninja.
Why would you want Ash's greninja? Because its stats are better than the average greninja.
Also about the birthday thing, I feel you. I moved far from my friends and family so I had to celebrate mine with my husband and his family and friends coz I apparently suck at making friends irl. I hope your day goes well regardless and make sure to treat yourself. The world is tough and you should take very excuse you can get to give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far.

OH I know who Greninja and Ash is LOL I just hadnt heard of this special pokemon for the demo only LOL.
I also suck at making friends IRL and so does my husband. And my family is a little in turmoil these days lol. I am treating myself however, I found a seller here for a figure Ive been looking for so yay! Hooray for credit cards XD
Do you have skype? we should IM on there.
09 months agoSonicSweetiSonicSweeti
sychaotik (10 months ago) #15536164Don't you want ash-greninja ?
what is ash greninja? XD
09 months agoSonicSweetiSonicSweeti
sychaotik (9 months ago) #15951768Happy, happy birthday! How will you be celebrating? Whatever you choose to do or not, I hope you have a very good day.
Thank you! Will simply be celebrating with drawing some personal art, if all goes as planned. I dont really have friends so, no party or anything ^^;

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