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Anime and avid bunny figure fan

I have a lot of 1/4 bunnies and they take up a lot of space.. I need to plan my space so I drew a plan! I think two cabinets will be big enough until some time in 2017.


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03 months agobyakkoshikibyakkoshiki
take123 (3 months ago) #17067426Here it is: [ext link ]
They have different colors you can pick

Thank you! So you just ordered this specific one?
03 months ago (3 months ago)byakkoshikibyakkoshiki
take123 (3 months ago) #17045360The doors on the Morliden can be adjusted. I learned that after a few weeks of owning them. They can be adjusted to be basically nearly touching each other. I have no gap on mine and no dust goes in.

Would you mind telling me the specific model of bookcase and glass doors you bought?? :3
03 months agobyakkoshikibyakkoshiki
Doesn't the gap between the morliden doors get annoying for you?
07 months agoAnAbleAngelAnAbleAngel
Love your collection! There are so many 1/4 FREEing bunny girls I want, but the shipping is so expensive!
01 year agoendcollectorendcollector
take123 (1 year ago) #6615345i like your bunny collection :3

Thanks! It is definitely a labor of love.

And for everyone else, I am not sure where my brain was but I just now realized I could reply to comments here. Apologies for any rudeness from not replying. It wasn't intentional. Really have no idea what happened, but it is my fault. Very sorry.

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