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I collect Kaworu only and related with him products (Eva Mark.06, Mass Production Eva, Tabris), all another figures in my collection are for future resell.

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02 months agoKawoshinKawoshin More male figures, plz!
Hi there!

I'm not sure if you got my PM so I figured I just leave you a note here. ^_^ I got the figure safe & sound! Thank you for all the awesome extras, too! I love them! :)

Also...That adorable drawing you did - I'm totally cutting it out and saving it. It's so great!

If you don't mind my asking, how did you go about priming the figure to paint it? I noticed that the skin parts already have tone to them, so is it ok to just go ahead and paint? Thanks so much in advance! :)
02 months agoPrinceReignPrinceReign
Hello! I was wondering if you were still going to sell this Kaworu-GK? If so, I wanted to know how much the price would be and if you would sell painted versions?

Thank you for your time!
02 months agoLumienLumien
Good Morning Takenyaka!
After reading the comments below this Kaworu-GK item #101210 I have seen you would sell him??? *____*
I am very interested in one depend on the price. ^^
Thank you for answering and have a nice day!

- Lumien
02 months ago (2 months ago)MoroMoro
takenyaka (2 months ago) #2569255I hope so too D: 2014 was really hard year for me (my illness got worse, my very loved cat passed away, had tons of issues with family and got sh!t ton of problems with my work due to horrible change in currency between RUR and USD :( I'm sewing plushies and I'm literally in panic because of fabrics and DIY stuff prices inflated severely. for instance, fabric which was 180 RUR now is 320 RUR etc. I just don't know what to do with prices, because of if I will raise prices regarding material price, no one will buy something from me, it will be too expensive, but if I will keep old prices, I will literally work almost for free just for fabrics price coverage <___< that suck on very many levels...), hope 2015 will be better. January must be easy for me, at least, I always have almost no work at all during this month, so, I hope, I will have a chance to rest before next working hell XD
Hope you had great holidays though! I had no holidays at all and worked even at Dec. 31 midnight :/ now feel so bad about that, to be honest.

oh how awful D: Really sharp inflation is so rough for those trying to run a smaller business. Is your store + plushies your primary source of income, if you don't mind my asking?
And I'm so sorry about your cat :<
You didn't even get Christmas off? I had to work on New Years Eve but not on New Years Day.
02 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
takenyaka (2 months ago) #2568676Hello, I'm back :3 I just was too busy for hobbies :( very hard working time >_< I decided to give up on part of my work and now will at least have some time to spend on my hobbies online :)

What A great News!!!!!!!! Uhu its good to have you back! ♥

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