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I collect Kaworu only and related with him products (Eva Mark.06, Mass Production Eva, Tabris), all another figures in my collection are for future resell.

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03 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
Moro (5 months ago) #2216919Takenya where are you? I'm worried :<

Another One here Worried with you... came here for the same thing! LOL... please send us signs of life! dear! :*
05 months agoMoroMoro
Takenya where are you? I'm worried :<
08 months agoNingyoHimeDollNingyoHimeDoll Kaworubunga
Oh, I see you ordered these figures! item #191673 item #191675 item #194552
Where did you order them? :o (especially the secret color version)
010 months agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
takenyaka (10 months ago) #1981193Leeeeoooo I'm baaack huge sorry I had tons of issues and had no time to be online too often (I literally apent all possible time just to work online).
I missed you a lot ;_; hope everything is ok!
Btw, I finished all my garage kits, now need to have a nice place to picture them all (I moved to another apartment and everything is still boxed, still have no furniture, even table or shelf, to display my treasures >_< hope I'll find something decent soon)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Welcome back! when you came back we'got yesterday an amazing Kawoshin statue! announced in Wonfest aaaand banpresto also did a Kawoshin petit so cute XD

Don't disapear again! and heeeey buy some furniture! ahahaahahahh
110 months agotakenyakatakenyaka Lunar Kaworu
If someone's missing me - send me a note, I'll tell you my email. I'm a bit limited on online time now and cannot visit MFC too often ;_;

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