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I collect Kaworu and related with him products (Eva Mark.06, Mass Production Eva, Tabris).

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01 month agomukyuumukyuu
You have sooo many Kaworus o_o I am very impressed. Also makes me ashamed that I don't have any Kaworus or Shinjis yet.
01 year agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
My Dear!!! Miss you

Just passing by to wish you a fantastic New year!!! :**

May the old year take away all the sorrows and miseries as it goes by and fill up your upcoming days with sunshine and happiness now and always.

01 year agoecephiroecephiro
Hi! Thanks for accept :) Btw your Kaworu collection is HUGE! :)
01 year agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
takenyaka (1 year ago) #2919279hello, I want to PM you, but your inbox is full ^^

My apologies! I've cleared some space out. =)
01 year agoMoroMoro
takenyaka (1 year ago) #2901332hello, Moro, are you still looking for this Lilith? item #72397
Yes! O:

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