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"There are two ways to escape. Escape without purpose, and escape with purpose. The former is called floating and the latter, flight. You're the one who decides which one your overlooking view was. But it's a mistake to choose your path based on the sins you carry. We don't choose our path depending on the sins we carry, but instead must carry our sins on the path we choose."
-Aozaki Touko, Kara no Kyoukai - Overlooking View

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017 days agoXperimentXperiment

I'm interested in buying your Magical Mirai 2014 Miku figure but your inbox is full.

024 days agodogs547895dogs547895
Hby to you
02 months agopantsubanditpantsubandit
Hi, your inbox is full and I'm interested in buying the Angel Beats nendoroid petits
02 months agoCaeldoriCaeldori
Hello, you're inbox is full and you probably haven't been on lately, but I'm interested in a couple of your figures. Namely the Yazawa Nico and Nishikino Maki PM figures. Is there any way to contact you?
02 months agoHokoniHokoni
Hi, just wondering if the Kantai Collection Tea Party figures are still for sale? Also, if they're new? Thx!

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