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"There are two ways to escape. Escape without purpose, and escape with purpose. The former is called floating and the latter, flight. You're the one who decides which one your overlooking view was. But it's a mistake to choose your path based on the sins you carry. We don't choose our path depending on the sins we carry, but instead must carry our sins on the path we choose."
-Aozaki Touko, Kara no Kyoukai - Overlooking View

I'm changing my approach to collecting so my collection is essentially free game. If you see something in my collection that you'd like to buy even if it isn't in my shop, please message me about it.

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023 days agoEmoratEmorat
Hey interested in buying [Sale #95084 K-ON! - Hirasawa Ui + #104714 K-ON! Nakano Azusa] for 60USD. zip code 48813 USA
024 days agoAcayshaAcaysha
Heyy inbox full, i'm interested in the [Sale #88231] IS: Infinite Stratos - Huang Lingyin - Rubber Strap - Petanko (Penguin Parade)
so country : Morocco, City : Casablanca, zip code : 20200! thank you
027 days agoLujeiLujei
Hi ^^

I saw that you have an ad for Kongo from the Tea Party. Is she still avaiable?
And you said you would send internationly? How much would it cost to send it over to germany?

Greetings Lujei

P.S.: Your inbox is full ^^
01 month ago (1 month ago)AlterEXAlterEX
Hi, I was interested in buying your Tenshi dakimakura, but your inbox is full.
( [Sale #103467] Angel Beats! - Tenshi - Dakimakura Cover (Ascii Media Works) )

Nevermind, sorry to bother you.
03 months agoXperimentXperiment

I'm interested in buying your Magical Mirai 2014 Miku figure but your inbox is full.


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