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02 days ago (2 days ago)DBZFanGirl2284DBZFanGirl2284
takezor (9 days ago) #25963783Ohh nice. Tell me what you think about it when you finish SNK. You have 2 seasons, first is 25 eps and the second one has 12. You also have some OVAS, you should watch the 2 movies about Levi's past and Ilse's diary once you finish the first season, specially. The other 2 OVAS are fillers.
I got some awesome statues, you can see them on my profile. ;)
Idd, the detail on OX King is beautiful and the likeness is spot on. I will pick it up at some point and put in my DB shelf, next to Blue Ichiban Kuji little Goku, Chi-Chi and so on.

I will let you know what I think of Attack on Titan when I finish it. Honestly, I will probably have to go back and rewatch the first 5 episodes again since I haven't seen them in probably a couple years. By the way you have some really cool Attack on Titan figures. I am thinking of getting the Brave Act figures plus a Ichiban Kuji for Mikasa.

As for Ox King that sounds like a good plan. He would look good displayed with Goku and Chichi.
019 days agoDBZFanGirl2284DBZFanGirl2284
takezor (19 days ago) #25534686I haven't been buying anything since 2 months ago or so but I will be back on track again soon. I'm pretty interested in the new DXF SSJ Vegetto and maybe the FES SGod Goku too. I will be buying the special sculture of Gogeta SSJ4 and want to see the final product of Gogeta SSJ figuration. There is also some Berserk and SNK figures I want to add on my collection.

Yeah, I am still waiting on DOD Vegetto, at this point though I am sure he had been most likely canceled by Megahouse. I don't understand why though, he would have sold well if they would have put him out for preorder. Anyway, after this month I am done with figures till December that's my biggest month for orders.
027 days agoangeleljodioangeleljodio
Muchas felicidades Carlos!! ^^
027 days agoDBZFanGirl2284DBZFanGirl2284
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!
05 months ago (5 months ago)KotobukiyaKotobukiya
takezor (5 months ago) #19374237Will you re-release your Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki figure ever? And will you be making any other TG characters?
Will you be making new Shingeki no Kyojin figures with the upcoming anime season 2?


Thank you for your questions! Unfortunately there are no announcements that I can make at this time.

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