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Love to just draw and listen to music. Nice blue sunny days.

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04 years agoJu-SanJu-San
Oh I know! That really, really big one that H got? I was wondering where the heck you could possibly put her, she's huge! I mean you already don't have places for your smaller figures. You guys just need to face the facts, brother. You need a bigger room. Heck, so do I. Dang, I wish we could all have glass cases to put our figures in, but it's like you said. I don't have any money to really buy figures either, so if we don't have the money what chance do we have of getting glass cases. Besides, no room. Oh the vicious cycle.

tamagochan (4 years ago) #1593104OOO I see, I'm not really in any position to buy figures now, so I'll probably have to hold off on the figure buying. But maybe if we see her next year at Fanime, and she's a good price like Alise I will get it! (that's so far from now) T__T Seriously! A Hwoarang would be awesome! Hkun would totally love it! Agreed brother, I wish they made more guy figures too. Yeah, I probably have to do some cleaning and rearranging before putting her up, that huge figure that Hkun got of the girl seriously has no who to go though, its so much bigger then we thought.
04 years agoJu-SanJu-San
Xiaoyu is pretty new. They just recently posted the final renditions of her. Well...not "just", but still pretty recently. And it looks like they plan to do a Jun Kazama as well. They had a Hwoarang one they were "supposidly" gonna do, but nothing has come up for that and now it seems more like a myth. I hope not. I would love to have some of the Tekken guys in my collection. Guys don't get a lot of love (and I realize the reason why there's more figures of females, but come on! I want some cool guys too!) In any case, I think I'm going to have to get Xiaoyu to go with my Asuka and Alisa. Probably one of my favorite girls of Tekken.

You still haven't put up your Alisa yet, brother? I know you guys do have a very limited space. She's so pretty out of the package, though. I'm not even really an Alisa fan, but her color scheme, details, and pose were just really awesome not to buy her. I hope you can find room for her,
brother. She'd look good with your collection.

tamagochan (4 years ago) #1585952I didnt know there was a Xiaoyu!! its so cute!!!>v< I didnt even put up my Alisa yet....we're still trying to find room for some of our figures T__T
04 years agoJu-SanJu-San
item #93240

Brother, look! Xiaoyu!
04 years agoJu-SanJu-San
Great haul this year brother! Let's do it again next year! XD
04 years agoKinoKino
tamagochan (4 years ago) #1301307yup yup...the only thing about ordering from Amiami is it takes Forever to get here!! T__T haha. OOO MAAAN!! I love the two Alter Panty & Stocking figures!! I never even really watched the show, but those two figures are super nice. I would like to get both of them someday LUCKY! >V<

I'm sure you will someday get them ^^
How long does it usually takes for packages from amiami to your place? Mine is around 7-10 days, but sometimes it takes up to two weeks max.

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