tamtammtamtamm strawhat pirates

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010 months agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Happy Birthday !! :D
02 years agoKanouteKanoute
Happy new year 2013
Best wishes ^_^
03 years agoHaruka-EndHaruka-End

Thank you for the FR. Very nice collection.
03 years agomerodiimerodii
tamtammty :)
but I still a beginner in collecting one piece figure lol
btw do u like zoro ?
nice collection you going on

Oh my! You're not a beginner at all! I'm a beginner! xD
Yeah... I like Zoro so much, his spirit always moves through me.
And ty! One day my collection will be as big as yours! (^_^)~
03 years agomerodiimerodii
Your collection is admirable!! <3
May I add you as a friend?? (^_^)~

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