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02 months agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
I am desperate to buy your Tsume Kenpachi Zaraki statue. I am offering 1600.00 USD.

If you are interested please PM me and provide me with the condition.

Thanks for the time!
04 months agoMXVXMXVX
Hi there, do you still have the Zaraki Kenpachi available?
04 months agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Looking to purchase your Tsume Zaraki. Please pm me. Thanks!
06 months agoSchangiaSchangia
Heya~ Interested to purchase the figure set of Renji, Ichigo and Rukia. Is it still available? :)
06 months agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Please PM me about your Zaraki statue as soon as you can. Looking to buy. Your inbox is full. Please message me. Thanks!

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