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01 year agoinfectedqtinfectedqt
hey I WISH you are willing to sell zaraki kenpachi HQS PM ME
02 years agoJc21095Jc21095
Is this guy just not online anymore because it seems like a lot of people are interested in his stuff and he never replied
03 years ago (3 years ago)KoneokoKoneoko
Hi, are those two still for sale? item #3218 item #3219
03 years agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
I am desperate to buy your Tsume Kenpachi Zaraki statue. I am offering 1600.00 USD.

If you are interested please PM me and provide me with the condition.

Thanks for the time!
03 years agoMXVXMXVX
Hi there, do you still have the Zaraki Kenpachi available?
03 years agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Looking to purchase your Tsume Zaraki. Please pm me. Thanks!
03 years agoSchangiaSchangia
Heya~ Interested to purchase the figure set of Renji, Ichigo and Rukia. Is it still available? :)
03 years agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Please PM me about your Zaraki statue as soon as you can. Looking to buy. Your inbox is full. Please message me. Thanks!
03 years agoTsunamiXTsunamiX
Interested in purchasing your Queen's Blade Rebellion - Siggy - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse). Please send PM.
03 years agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Still looking to buy your Zaraki statue. Do you still have it? I am looking to buy immediately. Your inbox is full so please PM me. Thanks!
03 years agoVikingDan300VikingDan300
Do you still have your Zaraki statue by Tsume? If so are you willing to sell, because I would like ot buy. Please message me. Thanks!
03 years agoMXVXMXVX
Hello there, you have an awesome collection, I also noticed that you are selling a Neliel, do you still have her.
03 years agoSahaSaha

Your inbox is full and I'd like to contact you abour your Reina. Could you pm me please?
04 years agokingalexkingalex
Hi, If the below doesnt work out then you can PM me your number so I can text you.
04 years agokingalexkingalex
Hi, please clear your mailbox so I can PM you my number?
04 years agokingalexkingalex
HI, If you are still selling the Kenpachi figure please give me a PM.
Really interested and I also live in the US.
04 years agoquicksilver1082quicksilver1082
Hello, I was curious if you still wanted to sell your TSUME Zaraki Kenpachi HQS statue. I didn't hear back after I told you I lived in the US. I would really like to buy it if you are selling it. Thanks,
04 years agoLoneWolfLoneWolf
Hi! =) I'm interested to Toshiro Hitsugaia Megahouse G.E.M... can you send me any photos of him? ^^
04 years agoquicksilver1082quicksilver1082
tearsfallred4u (4 years ago) #1246867i still have kenpachi. if your outside the us i will not sell to you, shipping is insane, he is very large and heavy.

I live in Utah, I think I saw somewhere your were shipping from Vegas, but I could be wrong. Ya I found kenpachi from a store in France and they wanted just over 200 just for shipping. Anyway, if you would still like to sell him let me know how much, I'm interested, Thanks.
04 years agoquicksilver1082quicksilver1082
Hi, just curious if you still have the Zaraki Kenpachi Tsume statue for sell. If so I'm interested. Thanks.

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