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Hi, my name is Teli! I'm just some nerd that likes to collect FE and Fate merchandise. I recently got into collecting figures last year, and I'm looking to expand it as time goes on!

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020 days agoGenosiderGenosider
Happy belated Birthday ~~ oh wait you have the same birthday as Chika ?! dang ~
01 month agochapters0chapters0
teliiii (1 month ago) #23289734Hi there, your inbox is full. I need to send the invoice for the nendoroid more wedding parts.
made room ;)
02 months agoPanchitoMattePanchitoMatte
Hi, stranger! I just wanted to stop by to put a smile on your face. Best of luck to you in Nursing! I hope you do great things as a Nurse. My mom has been a Nurse for 35 years and my sister just graduated from Nursing school (she's a graduate Nurse, as they say), so I have a deep appreciation for the profession.
02 months agoFuccboiFuccboi
Your inbox is still full. If available, how much for Saber 10th shipped to 02536? Cheers.
03 months agocanetoncaneton
your inbox is full, but i wanted to confirm that yes, i did want a yellow and green pyjama from the nendoroid more pyjamas set~

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