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01 year agovectorsvectors
Hello! I'm interested in buying your 2011 Racing Miku Figma! Your inbox is full right now, so please excuse me for contacting you this way.
02 years agoZariganiZarigani One who spends too much...
T-Thanks Tengen, I didn't mean to appear creepy by adding you out of the blue...
02 years ago (2 years ago)polamakanpolamakan
no, it doesn't. I am only selling 1 brand new figma insane black rock shooter + bluray/dvd italian ver. for only $300 including shipping fee to anywhere
02 years agoreki6522reki6522
hey do you still have melty available for sale?
02 years agoRafflesiaRafflesia
IBRS arrived safe and sound. Pleasure doing business with you!

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