terramishuterramishu nyan?Hammering my wallet c:


http://i.imgur.com/0p5Tk.gif https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-1tysxWrexb0/TcfJo6Vn0vI/AAAAAAAAFrM/ylv0uoroLF0/31.gif



It's been a while since I started collecting figures. I feel like I just started yesterday! I can say that I'm addicted to the hobby plus MFC, hehe.
Also, I just started doll collecting. I'm very much screwed. Doll stuff is pretty expensive. Nope, no BJDs yet since they're very pricey.

Apparently, I have a super soft spot for Nendoroids, and noticeably figures with a bright smile or wearing traditional Japanese clothing (yukata, hakama, etc).
Oh, clothing with frills & maid outfits (gothic, victorian) too <3

I love anime, manga, gaming, anything art related, shopping, and chilling with friends.

I think my fav characters or the characters that leave me the deepest impression (ahem, longing for <3) are:
- Menma from Ano Hana
- Taiga from Toradora
- Azunyan from K-On
- Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS


And then I just realized how many Mikus I have ^^;;



I wish I were the owl...

Anime I shamelessly enjoyedChuuuu
Orochuban Ebichu. <3





Hysterically pervertedteeheehttp://25.media.tumblr.com/fe86cb2b7d2d76e358fb2a16f039f150/tumblr_mnwim6ZIaY1s1srtxo1_500.jpg





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03 months ago (3 months ago)PickyCollectorPickyCollector
terramishu (3 months ago) #4084679Hahaha!
Then I should know not to trust a man with a killing intent wielding a gun c:
But he is Vash the Stampede. You can always trust Vash. "This world is made of love and peace!" :P
03 months ago (3 months ago)PickyCollectorPickyCollector
terramishu (3 months ago) #4023995Thank you!
*looks at your collection* Are you by chance an Azunyan fan? :D
I am a fan of all cat girls. Well.....Adorable things in general. :3

I saw the dancing bear and kittens and thought "Something tells me sending this person a friend request would be a good idea." :P
03 months agoPickyCollectorPickyCollector
Well hello there. Your profile and collection is adorable. :D
06 months agoHevlaska573Hevlaska573 I noticed senpai
terramishu (6 months ago) #3171692I hope the M bust won't be anything too huge. That reminds me... am I the only one feeling kinda irky when I see Pure Neemo LL busts? It's like inflated beach balls o_o Meh. I'm just biased ^^; I've got a M bust preference in general.
Oh! A blank head? Are you going to do the face-up yourself? I'm actually interested in playing with a blank head and see what I can do with the face-up... but the idea terrifies me. Knowing me, I'll probably botch it up orz
(Wouldn't it be cool to make a side-living by doing face-up commissions though... Hmmhmm~)
Anyway, I'm excited to see your new dolls c:
P.S: I am so grateful I don't have to deal with customs. People always make it sound so terrible and I'm quite sure it's a nightmare... Man that really sucks.

The M bust is kinda on the small side. xD It's the L one that looks a bit off. Hmm... now that you mention it... they kinda do look like that. o.o I don't think it's that bad tho, at least not under clothes~

Yup! I painted picture #1312638's face~ She's the first one so it still looks kinda eh. I wanna re-do it some day. It terrified me at first too and I have messed up a couple of heads before. ^^; It's just a matter of practice though; a good idea would be getting a cheap blank head or two that you'd use only for practice. :3

It does suck. ;w; So far only EMS packages (and fedex/DHL and the like too) have been taxed, so as long as I don't use EMS I'm pretty much safe. ><
06 months ago (6 months ago)Hevlaska573Hevlaska573 I noticed senpai
terramishu (6 months ago) #3161799Oh, what did you order from them?
(Your wallet will always love you!)
Would love to see your finished 48cm Obitsu.
Hmmm. Alright, I'll be settling for the 25cm S bust then!

A M bust for the 48cm obitsu (comes with the S bust and, I need some minimal boobs on my girls plskthx I'm not asking for huge ones either), these two wigs (ext link) (ext link), different eyes for the little Kud, a blank hime-ane head and eyes for it, eyes for a blank mafuyu head I ordered elsewhere and two pairs of eyes that now I don't have a use for because none of my girls have 18mm eyes. orz Actually the hime-ane head and its eyes are a separate order but they shipped on the same day, so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still, I fear the customs charge for the first order... With them only using EMS (and I asked them about other shipping methods and basically gave me the middle finger, it's not like EMS is the only registered method omg), anything with a declared value of over 3000 yen is guaranteed to arrive with customs charges.

And sure! It'll still be a while but I'll show her to you when she's done! ^_^ I hope the 25cm S bust works for you~~

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