terramishuterramishu nyan?Hammering my wallet c:


http://i.imgur.com/0p5Tk.gif https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-1tysxWrexb0/TcfJo6Vn0vI/AAAAAAAAFrM/ylv0uoroLF0/31.gif


It's been a while since I started collecting figures. I feel like I just started yesterday! I can say that I'm addicted to the hobby plus MFC, hehe.
Also, I just started doll collecting. I'm very much screwed. Doll stuff is pretty expensive. Nope, no BJDs yet since they're very pricey.

Apparently, I have a super soft spot for Nendoroids, and noticeably figures with a bright smile or wearing traditional Japanese clothing (yukata, hakama, etc).
Oh, clothing with frills & maid outfits (gothic, victorian) too <3

I love anime, manga, gaming, anything art related, shopping, and chilling with friends.

I think my fav characters or the characters that leave me the deepest impression (ahem, longing for <3) are:
- Menma from Ano Hana
- Taiga from Toradora
- Azunyan from K-On
- Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS


And then I just realized how many Mikus I have ^^;;



I wish I were the owl...

Anime I shamelessly enjoyedChuuuu
Orochuban Ebichu. <3





Hysterically pervertedteeheehttp://25.media.tumblr.com/fe86cb2b7d2d76e358fb2a16f039f150/tumblr_mnwim6ZIaY1s1srtxo1_500.jpg





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020 days agobomhatbomhat because I'm batman
terramishu (1 month ago) #2691258http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/219/0/f/hatsune_miku_dance_plz_by_blazethecat1414-d7pxi65.gif
Happy Birthday!
02 months agoNocchiNocchi 100% Orange Juice
terramishu (2 months ago) #2639019Hey there!
I'm glad that you appreciate my collection ^^; I don't really have a set theme so it's sort of a mixture of whatever figure and dolls that I like. Oh, I see that your collection is growing fast!
Hehe, I'm sure one day you will be able to display Nozomi c: I had quite a few ecchi figures I couldn't display because I wasn't living alone at the time. I now have my own place and am able to flaunt my collection, haha. You can always buy yours and keep them boxed for now ^^

Ah, I'm the same!! I would love to start purchasing dolls (especially bjd) but they're hella expensive for me to keep up ; v ; It is! my bank account is screaming at me to stop but I can't help but buy when there's a sale or a really great deal on them lol.

That's true!! If I see her up for sale with a great deal, I'll definitely snag her! ^^ When I have a place for myself, I'll display her proudly~ http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2vn3qgiNo1qdlkyg.gif
02 months agoNocchiNocchi 100% Orange Juice
You have such a lovely collection! A mixture of figures and dolls~ http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2ju70lFQs1qdlkyg.gif
I'm jealous of your Watase Nozomi!! I wish I could buy ero figures without being shy to put them on display orz
02 months agoNaruto_UzumakiNaruto_Uzumaki
Hi I love your profile pic (gif) of Rilakkuma :D I was wondering if you own that costume even though I know its from a video. Anyway thanks
03 months agoTiamat26Tiamat26
Happy New-year from myself and Miku desu !!!


= )


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