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Hi. I am one of the few people on this website who collect only goods but not figures. I watch about 10-25 anime per season, so I usually buy a single good per series if I like them, and may buy more if I like the characters. I also transliterate new anime songs at AnimeLyrics.com and Tumblr. Most of the goods I have are made by Movic and azumaker.

I can understand English, Chinese and some Japanese. My current Japanese proficiency level is N3.

I read manga, and used to read light novels. I don't play visual novels, but I do watch anime adaptations of it.

Ongoing Anime I'm Currently Watching
I'm watching 23 anime concurrently
(22 Spring 2017 anime and 1 Winter 2017 anime)

My Favourite Spring 2017 Anime
Tsuki ga Kirei

You can also find me at:
MyAnimeList - where I keep track of anime watched
DeviantArt - where I showcased my artwork of anime characters
AnimeLyrics - where I transliterated anime songs
Last.fm - shows what music I have listened recently

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