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Hi! I love collecting anime files and character goods! I also enjoy listening to anime songs and also transliterate their lyrics to romaji. I usually buy only one item per series (usually clear file), and may buy more if I like the characters. I tend to avoid buying goods of the same series so as to increase the "variety" of my collection. I am actively adding new items to the Goods database (usually small items) and the Media database (all are OP/ED themes). I also transliterate anime songs.

I can understand English, Chinese and some Japanese. My current Japanese proficiency level is N3.

I watch about 10-25 anime per season, and also avoid some of them. In general, anime that I avoid are idols, music-based (unless it is instrumental), adult, mecha, sports, reverse harem, ones with predominantly male fanservice, military with moe, ones with anthropomorphized characters of inanimate objects, non-gore ones with transformation (esp. magical girl shows), card games adaptations, and children anime.

I read manga, and used to read light novels. I don't play visual novels, but I do watch anime adaptations of it.

I used a scale of 1-10 to rate anime (10 being the highest), using Sword Art Online (SAO) as the base (score of 4) for comparison. If the anime is more enjoyable than SAO, then it will be rated 5 and above, and vice versa.

Ongoing Anime I'm Currently Watching
I'm watching 24 anime concurrently
(23 Spring 2017 anime and 1 Winter 2017 anime)

Spring 2017 Anime
Best anime of the season: Tsuki ga Kirei
My current favourite character of the season: Rumia Tingel

My Spring 2017 Anime Ranking
View spoilerHide spoilerMy Spring 2017 Anime Watching Status:
[ext link ]

Ranking (First Impression)
The ratings are based on the first episode.


Types of Anime Goods I Would Buy
View spoilerHide spoilerThe anime of the goods should satisfy the following:
  • Anime that I rated 5 or more
  • Anime that has my favourite female main character
  • Anime without Action/Battle genre (unless there are sufficient focus placed on female main characters, given that female-to-male main characters ratio is 1 or more)

I would usually buy clear files for anime that satisfy the above. However, if I really like a particular character, I would collect other types of small goods (e.g. straps, badges) of that character.

Types of goods:
  • Apparel - Yes; only T-shirt with non-suggestive poses
  • Hanged up - Yes; acrylic strap, rubber strap etc.
  • Misc - Yes; badges only
  • Plushes - Yes; only mascot characters
  • Stationeries - Yes; I collect clear files, and sometimes mouse pad (normal ones), bookmarks and small stickers for practical usage.
  • Dishes - No
  • Linens - No
  • On Walls - No
  • Figurines - No, I do not have space to put them.

You can also find me at:
MyAnimeList - where I keep track of anime watched
DeviantArt - where I showcased my artwork of anime characters
AnimeLyrics - where I transliterated anime songs
Last.fm - shows what music I have listened recently

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