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06 months agodariandarian
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02 years agolluviakatelluviakate
trapar (2 years ago) #3594658I went with the GSC shop in the end. I am cheap when trying to find the best deal. Lol. I was gonna wait for crunchyroll to have some sort of 25% off all items sale like they did with Labor Day but I figured it wasn't gonna end up being any cheaper in the end. Living in CA I was gonna end up being charged sales tax of $16.56 with shipping being at $12. So even if there was a 25% off sale I'd be having to pay $178.56.
Can confirm that GSC won't charge you right away.
"Thanks for your order at 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー. Money won't leave your account until 株式会社グッドスマイルカンパニー processes your order."

Ya I actually just ended up getting her at GSC shop as well. You honestly can't go wrong with a scale figure for 2000 yen shipped! Thanks!
02 years agolluviakatelluviakate
Where did you end up ordering the sorceress from?
02 years agoEloinesEloines
trapar (2 years ago) #3202574Ah, yes. I know which one you're talking about. item #63273 Considering that it's a prize figure, really surprised how good she turned out. Price isn't so bad either. Definitely one I'll be picking up sometime. A shame they didn't make one for Kallen off of the artwork to match. [ext link ]
Oh, and here are some pics to show that the heads are interchageable between the rest of the CG Kyun Chara figures.
[ext link ]

Ohh. That's a lot of effort hehe. Thanks for showing me! I reeeeally really want Lady Marianne before any of the others. Gotta complete the family first :D
But yes, that's the C.C. figure I was talking about. Considering it's a prize figure, there probably aren't going to be any bootlegs right? I was worried about that when looking her up on eBay..
02 years agoEloinesEloines
trapar (2 years ago) #3200516Oh yeah, definitely a favorite anime of mine. Still need the Suzaku G.E.M. figure but at the current price. :(
Hmm. Decently clothed C.C.? That's a hard one. Most of her figures out there have her wearing panties too small for her or out of character. For scales at least. Lol. Although I see you have a Nunnally Kyun Chara figure. I happen to have those as well. The "Wonderland" versions. Their faces are interchangeable so if you end up getting C.C. item #75309 from that line, you can basically have her "decently" clothed by changing her with another figures body like hers. item #85221 Or even Nunnally herself. I can upload a pic if you want as an example.

Haha.. Yea, it sure is hard to find. There was a sitting C.C. figure with a purple fan which I really liked. I should look that up again.
But yea, I love my little Nunnally :D I saw a lot of Code Geass figures just like her, and I definitely want some of them. I would appreciate an example if you have one :)

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