tripl35oultripl35oul HI! :)

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01 year agoCrazinessCraziness
Hello there! Still selling your Insane BRS? If so, let me know the details

- Box and condition?
- Complete?
- Figure condition

03 years agoainiaini
tripl35oul (3 years ago) #2265620Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Lara made it here in two pieces (which we both know going in - haha) Thank you so much! Loved the note as well :)

Oh gee the first sentence scared me a little for a moment haha! Yay! I'm super glad she arrived safely! I hope you have a great time with her! Thanks for taking her in! <3 Have a great weekend!
03 years agoainiaini
tripl35oul (3 years ago) #2178902Hey! I just saw your response regarding the Lara Fig. How much are you willing to sell her?
Hello there, sorry for the late reply!
I'm not sure about her price, I guess I'd let the whole figure including all parts go for 20$? If not what parts in particular were you interested in?
04 years agoLexiyLexiy The WCF Aficionado
tripl35oul (4 years ago) #1555180Hi! Just wanted to let you know Raspberyl made it here safely and lightning quick! I tried leaving a feedback but could not find the post anywhere. If I could do so some other way, please let me know and I would be happy to :) Thanks!

04 years agoPlumTeaPlumTea
tripl35oul (4 years ago) #1531679Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the SAO poster made it here safely. Also, I LOVE THE PACKAGING! - THanks so much! ^^
EDIT: I just saw the note as well. Very much appreciated! I hope to do more stuff with you in the future :)
Thanks again!

I'm glad everything arrived safely! I've never shipped poster tubes internationally so I'm glad that there were no issues. That's a pretty fast international ship time, haha. ^-^ And I'm glad you liked the note and packaging, I just thought it'd be a good way to brighten up someone's day. :) (And I dunno what else to do with my old drawings, haha XD) Thanks for being in the group order!

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