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One thing. Don't send me FR (friend request) without taking to me even once.
I was collecting mangas. Now I collect mostly or only figurines. ^^ Thankfully now I am more picky and I won't buy all Touken Ranbu nendoroids. I even consider not buying anymore nendoroid from Touken Ranbu. I think it depends on which charcters will get nendo and what "parts" they will get. I want to get all nendoroids from Dramatical Murder though. I am glad I bought all Dramatical Murder nendoroid so far before playing the game. I recently strarted playing the game and I love it so far.(I didn't play Dramatical Murder re:connect yet. Probably will do it after finishing more endings and ...overcoming "technological ignorance") I try to limit buying nendoroids but it isn't easy.
I try to focus on buying scale figures but it is difficult ;_;
I started collecting around in the middle of 2015 so I want to get some figures I missed.~~~~

I like One Piece, Gintama, Touken Ranbu, Dramatical Murder and other series. It is possibly the worst combo for my wallet...And now I like Granblue Fantasy XD. I am rather safe because there isn't much merchandise.

My "figure priorities" changed after watching Deadpool film xD.

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02 months agoYuki-DemonYuki-Demon
tsukky_ (2 months ago) #17933477Wszystkiego najlepszego~~ :)
Dziękuję bardzo ^^
14 months agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
tsukky_ (4 months ago) #16468043Happy birthday! May your figure wishes come true~~~~ ^^

Thank you!! Hhaha I hope so!! Wishing the same for you <3
18 months ago (8 months ago)ZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
tsukky_ (8 months ago) #13550793Thank you very much for advices. It's good I made blog post because now I know about more Deadpool figures. I don't have any revoltech. In worst case he would be in 1 pose I think? I think I will preorder Deadpool from Hot Toys.(If not today then soon, I need to think it over for some more time I think)

Glad I could help! Like said, Revo joints aren't terrible but compared to Figma/Nendos, you'll quickly see the difference. Speaking of there is the Nendo Deadpool coming out soon, item #396845 if you want to go full circle. If it were up to me, I'd get the Hot Toys one first and then get the Nendo later since Hot Toys typically command higher after-market prices.
08 months agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
tsukky_ (8 months ago) #13540029I don't know if I have seen this Deadpool before from your link. Ok, thanks I will consider him too. In the end I could just buy Deadpool revoltech if I don't buy better one. Someone wrote in my blog post producers like Sideshow or Hot Toys and mentioned revoltech too. I can't forget now about Deadpool by Hot Toys but his price really hurts me xD [ext link ]

If you can afford the Hot Toys Deadpool do it. Hot Toys are extremely detailed, nicely sculpted, and there is also a massive following for them. The Revoltech one is also nice with the amount of accessories but do be warned that Revoltech joints aren't for everyone (I should know, I have some).

It's really what you want with Deadpool because there are a lot of options. Hot Toys and Slideshow are very good choices, if not pricey. Marvel Select is good if you want a nice Deadpool but of course you lack a lot of the accessories. Revoltech is nicely stylized and it fits the character but the joints may not be to your liking. So it's what you want and can afford!
08 months agoZoidsFanaticZoidsFanatic
tsukky_ (9 months ago) #13523663Thanks.I fixed it.
Thank you very much for telling me. I will keep it in mind. I will try try to figure out if I can afford it. And I think I must consider again other scales of Deadpool.

Well if you need a good Deadpool have you tried the Marvel Select one? [ext link ]

I've seen him in person, actually a lot since a local store has a bunch of him. He'll run you around twenty-five USD or so, is pretty articulated, but isn't Figma/Figuarts so no extra hands or head. But he does come with a nice display base.

Diamond Select Toys is a higher-end brand, similar to NECA, so I would trust them.

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