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BNHA collection profile! I only list the items I intend to keep from the 50 sets I buy. The rest are in lists.

"Your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me it was blinding". -Izuku Midoriya to Katsuki Bakugou

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02 months agoKazukidKazukid
Aaaah. Sorry I didn't get to see you at ALA. I tried to get to the Ita bag gathering about 25 minutes after it started and asked some people standing around with itabags but they said they didn't know there was a gathering.
Here's a pic of mines since I never showed you =]
[ext link ]
03 months agoKazukidKazukid
tsunabelle (3 months ago) #17436778LMFAO I DID I WAS LIKE AMIAMI????? ARE YOU GONNA PROVIDE??? IM DEF ORDERING IT TOO!! im glad to hear that theyre up for normal pre-order. so that means they'll def have it right? aprils gonna be a wallet hurting month jesus christ.
sameee i'm waiting on amiami. I checked the moment i saw this and i was like when it gonna be up on amiami. Im so dead from all this merch. I need a break
03 months agoKazukidKazukid
OMG Did you see these ! [ext link ]
Ouendan unifroms for everyone!!!!!!!! I think these are gonna be put up for normal pre order. I don't see anything in the description about it being event limited.
OTL So weak. I'm gonna get this set
13 months agoKazukidKazukid
tsunabelle (3 months ago) #17409096That's so cute! You run a lot of con stuff. I admire that. I'm curious about the ribbon panels actually, because I've never actually participated in that even though I know it's around. And I'll probs bring my itabag too so I guess we can see them and how they evolve again at AX LMFAO.
And yes! Thank you. That was definitely me. I saw it within an hour it went up while someone was haggling over it and was like NAH THAT'S MINE SORRY and had my proxy snatch it. So thankful.

Darn. I'll bring my bag with me on the other days anyways =]
03 months agoKazukidKazukid
tsunabelle (3 months ago) #17412353Oh my god no way? Link! I wanna go LMFAO

[ext link ]
Someone from the itabag FB group started it ^-^

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boku_no_hero_academia_in_j-world_tokyo namco pommop jump_festa_2017 mascot_pouch mascot_mini_pouch showa_note pouch boku_no_hero_academia_collection_can_badge my_hero_academia_quotations_colored_paper_co...shueisha stand_pop keyholder boku_no_hero_academia horikoshi_kouhei acrylic_stand acrylic_figure acrylic_keychain standing_acrylic_keychain midoriya_izuku bakugou_katsuki boku_no_hero_academia_oei_koukou...

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