victorvipervictorviper Raspberry heaven, I'm coming back to you.

011 months agoMaakieMaakie

Sorry if I'm making you ultra jealous with this, I just wanted to share my happiness with another Komugi fan! <3

It's the base of item #5888 :)
011 months agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (11 months ago) #14468543That's good news! Hopefully you will get some memento from Watanabe.
If you're trying to get something signed and you don't want to drag figures around (of if they won't sign bases), here's a possibility. item #5704 and item #5703 as well as item #1297 and item #1298 are all based on Watanabe's designs, and the packaging for those figures has a removable card on the back with an illustration picture #1245140 . Most of those figures are cheap and relatively easy to find, and those cards might be a good candidate for a signable item.

Oh~ Those are nice suggestions, thank you! :)

With the short time-span I have, I'm afraid it would work only if I find one of them locally! >.< Even EMS shipping gets hold in customs for multiple weeks over here, so quickly buying something from Japan is also not a possibility. :(

I asked the con if it's allowed to only take the base of a figure with me, I hope they reply soon! For now I decided on my Griffon Komugi.

I'm a bit sad they were so last-minute in announcing him being a guest! For many years I wanted to do a Komugi cosplay...if they let this know earlier I could have worked on it for this event!
011 months agoMaakieMaakie

A con I will be visiting next month just announced Akio Watanabe as a special guest!!! :OOO

No news yet if he will give panels, if there is any chance for signing etc...

I really really hope there will be the possibility to sign items! Then there will be the hard part...

item #12994 is my favorite Komugi figure, but she's badly damaged and I have been thinking of replacing mine...

item #5888 is my 2nd favorite and her way too big typically Griffon-base would be perfect for siging! But the whole figure is so big and fragile, most famous artists will not sign only a base or piece of plastic, they need to see that it's merch. So I can't only take the base with me...

Anyway, I'm super excited! Can't believe this! :D
01 year agoAlexVAlexV
The holes for my straws aren't even big enough. Any additional force would break 'em. Thanks for the reply tho!
01 year agoAlexVAlexV
You couldn't get the straws in on the new Alter Sanya Eila fig either huh?
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (1 year ago) #10080363The show is not unlike Strike Witches, as like you said, they are very focused on the technical details of the girls/weapons. I'm glad to see that you (apparently) are enjoying the show. For some reason, it never seemed to really catch on, although I would have loved to see some more figures of the characters!

Yes, I'm enjoying it quite a lot! More than I expected myself, haha! The girls/guns are so cute. Also Elle...poor thing.

I didn't even hear from the series until I saw your review! Which is surprising, because it hits so much of my interests. I guess we can't expect any figures or other merchandise from it anymore, considering it's quite "old" now and wasn't really a hit when it was released... :( Oh well, at least Funko has a fitting and cheap figure!
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
Finally started watching Upotte! and after only 5 episodes I already want item #144495 she is so cuuuute! :D

I really like how the series also gives more in-depth information about the weapons in a funny way, it makes it a little bit more special, it would have otherwise maybe been more of a "cute girls doing cute things" series with some gun-references.

I also had to re-check your review to see if she is also wearing a thong on her figure, would have been a mayor miss if they gave her regular panties!
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (1 year ago) #8742359I was able to make it through exactly one episode, as it was pretty dire. I was expecting a reboot featuring all of the original characters in a different setting, but Komugi is not Komugi Nakahara; Komugi is Komugi Yoshida who is sort of a Komugi Nakahara knockoff. Plus, there's no Haruko Momoi and she makes the whole Komugi character IMO.
I wanted to like Komugi-chan R, too, but it was just awful.

Oh man, I didn't even know that it was a different Komugi. :/ And all of that sounds so disappointing, it's the reason why I'm afraid of trying the series out for myself. Sometimes it's just better to let the older series alone, not everything needs to be brought to the current generation. :T
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
Had to ask, considering your icon. :P Did you watch the newest Komugi series yet? I hear bad things about it, so I'm afraid to watch it!
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (1 year ago) #5848395Amazingly, yes. I have a fairly large living room. This picture #1056889 was from about a year ago, and you can see I still had one free unit of Detolf. Also, I added a Billy bookcase from IKEA with glass shelves, so I'm not (yet) in danger of running out of room :).

Oh wow, in that picture I would guess I see +/- 150 figures, not (almost) 300! It's nice you have so much space! I'm going to move to a house (instead of a small appartment) in a few months and I'm planning a seperate room for my collection. :3 I think with your set-up you could get to 400 easily, but then it maybe will get hard to place new items...
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
I decided to visit your profile because I thought "with all those reviews, you must have had your collection growing big in size these last few years!" to then see 310 owned, woah! Do you still have enough room to display everything???
01 year agoSureFiguresSureFigures
I just finished reading your new Pochaco review. I noticed you wrote "...modulo the difference in their body types..." and thought to myself, "he must study a considerable amount of mathematics to use such wording so casually." Any truth in that thought?

Excellent review btw! It seems a lot of us are always anticipating your next blog entry.
01 year agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (1 year ago) #5588643Just wanted to say a quick Merry Christmas!

Thank you very much! :) And of course the same wishes for you including a happy 2016! ^w^
02 years agochiechiechiechie
i'm looking forward to seeing your next review, they are always so fun to read
02 years agoSinicalGeekSinicalGeek
Learning how to navigate MFC everyday lol. Subscribed.
02 years agoSinicalGeekSinicalGeek
Added so that I can follow your reviews if that is okay. ;)
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (2 years ago) #2694812That's too bad, as I was hoping to see what that Italia-san GK looks like :). Then again, the thrill of the hunt for those rare items is a big part of this hobby, right?

Haha, yeah it is! And for sure I will find her again, but I'm just so disappointed, because Mandarake is one of the easiest ways to get (legit) GK's! Now I will probably have to find an auction for her on Yahoo! again and hope people won't bid me up too much! D:
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (2 years ago) #2688938I was finally able to track down my own 5shikisen this morning, completing my Toranoana set of Mecha Musume figures! I figured you could appreciate that fact :)
I saw you posted some shots of a Re2200 GK the other day. You're planning to finish it and show her off eventually, right? The 1/12 scale seems a little weird, though. Italia is pretty petite to begin with and at 1/12, she must be really, really tiny!

Nice to hear! So you have the set complete now, too! :D Going to collect the trading figures after this? Haha!

Unfortunately I won't get her as my order was cancelled, but I got all excited about it... *sigh* My plan was actually to ship her off to a professional painter, as I would like her 100% perfect and don't even dare to paint such a rare kit myself! I hope that I find her one day again, but this kit seems so rare! I also barely could find information about it, but I think she has a different sculptor than her bigger counterpart...
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
victorviper (2 years ago) #2610311I've watched the anime, but I only own a couple volumes of the manga, so I'd never seen that. That's a cool reference, though ;).

Ah, I read all the manga and didn't watch the anime (yet)! ;) The second half of the manga is incredibly cute (I have no idea if that part was animated too, because the anime stopped earlier than the manga if I remember correctly).

I recently was re-reading all my manga and I was really amazed when I saw this reference, I probably didn't notice before, because I saw MiG-60 figure for the first time about 5 years ago, after I read Genshiken for the first time! ;)
02 years agoMaakieMaakie
You read/watched Genshiken, right?

Ever noticed this refence? ;) picture #1196306

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