wewewewe An enlightened TOM fanby, weeeee~ (づ^_^)づ


*collector by day*
*costumed fluffy kirby by night*
*in the midst of scouting members of a nendo(rainbow)ranger team*

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02 months agoTdubsTdubs
wewe (2 months ago) #17408019Seems like there's a birthday tonight, yours! Have fun~
☆*:.。. o()o .。.:*☆

Thank you! :)
05 months agoDexcyDexcy
wewe (5 months ago) #15700983Happy B-day, you're 1 year closer to your dreams! :3

Thanks man appreciate it! Hope you are having a fun time collecting too :)
09 months agoazulyazuly
wewe (9 months ago) #11315833Sinon has arrived safe and sound! Swimsuit too, without a scratch. Box... going in the trash! XD
I kid, but it rhymes, so whatever~ thankies for the simple sale! ^^)b

Yay!! ^-^ Thanks for letting me know! Hehe :P enjoy~
010 months agoFluffyfoxyFluffyfoxy
wewe (10 months ago) #10288992I'm assuming you're new to pre-ordering so I'll just post this here rather than clutter up the figure page:
item #396936, like many other figures from Megahouse with the G.E.M classification, have been set by the manufacturers so that they can only be ordered by those shops in JP (as they are the official JP distributors). nippon yassan and big in jap are not official distributors, they can ship where ever they want and however they want. What they do is they take orders, then they order from the actual distributors; they are essentially cheaper proxies.
Outside of JP, there are different distributors. Considering that you're in the US, you have plenty of choices, with the most prominent being Crunchyroll. Ordering locally like this is usually cheaper, saving in shipping costs and discounts, but at the cost of having your order come to you 1-3 months later than ordering straight from JP. This is because overseas distributors gets their stock by boat after it had been released in JP, and this shipping method can take months before they have it on hand and ready to ship it to ya.
If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask, but make sure you read up on where you're buying from to save the hassle later...

Thank you so much! I saved big on BiJ. Was going to purchase off the premium store.. would have been close to $110.
010 months agoDexcyDexcy
wewe (10 months ago) #10015580Added, nice to meet you and your lovely One Piece pals too! I'm more of a whatever goes kind of collectors *cough* has yet to watch shows but still has fig of chars*cough*.
I'm just spreading the love and discounts, thx for noticing~ ^^

Nice to meet you as well!

I originally started collecting for One Piece but I've been collecting figures from different shows as well.

This addicting hobby is bad for my wallet but I can't seem to stop :X

I also collect figures from anime I haven't seen yet. Actually, they are the reason why i watched the anime. I do end up liking those anime so it seems to work out in the end.

Just a quick question, did TOM stop sending you the clear case file (folder) and instead sent you some pins?
Not that it's a big issue but was curious

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