wewewewe An enlightened TOM fanby, weeeee~ (づ^_^)づ


*collector by day*
*costumed fluffy kirby by night*
*in the midst of scouting members of a nendo(rainbow)ranger team*

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012 days agowewewewe
ChocolateSpider (14 days ago) #24248540Happy birthday! :D

Thanks. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
014 days agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Happy birthday! :D
07 months agoTdubsTdubs
wewe (7 months ago) #17408019Seems like there's a birthday tonight, yours! Have fun~
☆*:.。. o()o .。.:*☆

Thank you! :)
09 months agoDexcyDexcy
wewe (9 months ago) #15700983Happy B-day, you're 1 year closer to your dreams! :3

Thanks man appreciate it! Hope you are having a fun time collecting too :)
01 year agoazulyazuly
wewe (1 year ago) #11315833Sinon has arrived safe and sound! Swimsuit too, without a scratch. Box... going in the trash! XD
I kid, but it rhymes, so whatever~ thankies for the simple sale! ^^)b

Yay!! ^-^ Thanks for letting me know! Hehe :P enjoy~

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